Thursday, July 2, 2009

OK...Who Pulled the Alarm?

My friend Lyndsey's brother is a firefighter at a local fire station and she arranged for us to go to his fire station for him to show us around. It was me and my kids, Lyndsey and her two boys, and our friend Amber and her two boys. We have such a great time. Here are a few (OK, a lot) of pictures from our visit:

Here is our wonderful guide, Jim (and Amber's oldest Amari). He was so great with the kids and explained things so well. I really appreciate him taking the time to show us around.

Here are Quinn and Jamison. They've been friends since the womb!

Here's Jamison next to the fire truck tire. Whoa baby!

Jamison posing in the truck.

I love the smile on her face while she's behind the wheel. She had a great time!

Caleb was hesitant at first. It was just a little bigger than his toy trucks :)

But eventually...

He gave in and then didn't want to get out...of course.

Here's Jim explaining the many compartments of the truck. There is a lot of stuff on there. Look how well they are all listening.

Posing with the axes that break down the door.

Here are the kids inside the ambulance. Jim is explaining the equipment that the medics use and he gave each kids a reading.

Man, the age limit gets younger and younger for firefighters...oh wait, that's Jamison. She got to try on Jim's boots and pants.

Here's Jamison in the boots, Drew in the helmet, and Quinn in Uncle Jim's jacket. Jim said that all of his gear together weighs about 60 pounds. Wow!

Here's Jim showing that kids what it looks like when he's in full gear. I have heard this is good for kids to see so they are not scared and hide when firefighters come into their homes.

Jim let each kid hold a hose and aim the water. How cool is that!

While we were there the firemen washed the truck. Then Jim piled everyone in the truck to pull it around back to the garage. Here they are (everyone but me and Caleb) pulling off. Shortly after this Caleb slipped and busted his lip. There was blood EVERYWHERE. Luckily we were in good hands (thanks Lyndsey, Amber and the firemen!)...he's OK now.

Here's a picture I stole from Lyndsey of them on their ride in the truck...Eli, Amber and Jamison; Quinn and Drew; and Amari off to the right.

Thanks to Jim and his co-workers for allowing us to stop by. This was a memorable event!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

It looks like they had a blast! And how cool is it that they got to spray the firehose!

Kasey said...

What a fun time! I might have to arrange something like that for my kiddos!

I would love for you to host FMM for me once in July while I'm out of town! do you have email? if you're really up for it email me at

and we can pick a date and work out the details! thanks!!!

Joanna said...

That looks like a lot of fun!! I remember our trip to the Fire Station when I was in kindergarten...It was the best!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a great trip. I even showed Trey the photos and he loved them. I love the photo of the kids spraying the hose, how fun.
I also wanted to let you know I tagged you for a fun photo game, I hope you will join in.
Have a great Thursday!

jennykate77 said...

HOW fun!!! What a great field trip. :) I bet the kiddos had a blast...firetrucks/firefighters are so cool!

Hope you guys have a fantastic 4th!

Amy said...

We have oh so many pictures just like this! Our kids never get tired of visiting Daddy at his fire station ;-) Looks like everyone had a great time.

Sorry about Caleb's lip!! Did he need stitches?

Heather said...

What a fun day for the kiddos! It looks like everyone had a blast!

Brittany said...

how FUN!!! :)

Julie said...

Wow! Sounds like a great visit to the Fire station!!! My boys would love that!

You come on by anytime and enjoy the pool and some R & R!

Mike and Katie said...

What a great visit!! We loved going to the fire house during their open house as kids and taking the boys, too.

I misread that Caleb fell and busted his "HIP." What? There was blood everywhere but he's okay now? Oh, LIP. That makes more sense! Glad it was just his lip. I should go take a nap perhaps!

Xazmin said...

What a fun day!

I LOVE firestation tours! It's so exciting for the kids! Okay, and the moms!

Jennifer said...

What a great experiece for the kids... and adults! Looks like a lot of fun!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh that looked like fun! I know for sure the full gear thing is really important. My dad used to be an EMT, and told me that children would hear the breathing mask sound and because it sounded scary, they would hide... not good.

Glad you had such a great time!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

We love going to the fire station- we like to bake them an apple pie each Thanksgiving- they always give my kiddos a tour and send them home with coloring books!!


Jennifer said...

I love touring the fire station! The kids always have so much fun. We usually take homemade cookies when we go to say "thanks for keeping us safe". They really appreciate that!

Vivienne said...

Poor Caleb! I hope his lip is better. I have to tell you, he is just the cutest thing! Such a smile! It is great that you got to go and take a tour. I was definitely impressed by how well they seemed to be listening.

Melissa Stover said...

what a fun day. i know my son would love that.