Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - Summer Survival Guide

I have wanted to create a binder for Jamison that is filled with activities and ideas of things for her to do during the summer. It would help Jamison continue her learning and also help Aunt Roni with ideas of what to do during the day.

I finally got it mostly done and I'm so excited.

Here's the cover.

Inside I have a routine for the day so that there's some structure. My kids need structure. Jamison's Kindergarten teacher also sent home some great items...a summer journal, writing pages, suggestions for activities, great ways to keep learning, etc. I eventually want to put some of those in page protectors (Target was out).

Here's another suggestion sheet for things to do at home.

I have a section in the notebook for handwriting. I found a place online where I can create writing pages for Jamison. Her school practices Dnealian handwriting and since most books I've seen have block lettering, this program works out great and I can personalize them. I also have a notepad in there that will help with spacing her letters.

This is the activities section. Each week I'd like to have a different theme. The first theme was space. You can read about a funny story regarding her study of the planets here.

So, for the most part the binder is complete. I will add more activities as the summer goes on and as Jamison comes up with suggestions. I'm excited that this has been tackled!


Julie said...

Great idea . . . I love that you always have your kiddos and things they can do in mind.

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Good for you for getting this done!! I love it! I did something similar for my kids when I had a Nanny at home and she always appreciated it too!


Carrie said...

thats a great idea!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

That is a great idea!
I need to stop a moment and pray-I am SOOO envious of your new cricut! What a lucky girl you are!!!!
Happy Summer Day to you!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

girl, this is a great idea!! My kids are so bored. And not only that, but they had a playdate today and all four of the kids were just staring at each other... bored.

That's just nuts!

I gotta get right on this.

Natalie Jane said...

Love that! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Kelli -- super great job! Some of the themes that we have used in the past are: Clouds (they learned the different formations and then laid on the trampoline every day trying to identify them in the sky); The food groups (tracked their eating for a week to see if they were getting the food groups); The 5 senses (one sense for each day, and they read about Helen Keller).

So much fun! Hope you will post on your themes!


Chrissy said...

I love your summer survival guide! I think I need to come up with my own version since I homeschool. Great post!