Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There's Nothing Like Old Friends...Even During Sad Times (2)

I've written this kind of post before and I still believe that it's true...even during sad time, there's nothing like old friends. I would say they even make the sad times feel a little better.

Recently one of my mom's long-time friends was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Mommy and Gloria have been friends since college and are in the same sorority so I've known Gloria all of my life. They had lost touch over the past few years but have gotten back in touch.

On Saturday there was a get together at Gloria's house and people traveled in from all over. It was so neat to watch these ladies reminisce about old times and look at pictures from back in the day. Joy was in the air!

This is my mom's crew from her college days...Aunt Althea, Sandy, Gloria (Aunt Glo), and my mom.

Here's a picture of a picture of my mom, Aunt Al, and Gloria. Gloria has in framed, sitting on her table.

Mommy and Althea. Best girlfriends! Mommy was going to give Althea her kidney (now that's a friend), but some of the testing didn't match the criteria. Althea did receive a kidney from a co-worker and is doing much better.

Sorority sisters (can you see them laughing)...Sharon, Al, Glo, Mommy and Juanita Brazil.

The next generation...Synita. This is Juanita's daughter. She is in the same sorority as my mom and her friends. It was nice to get back in touch with her and now we can keep in touch through Facebook (technology!).

Aunt Al giving the kids some love.
Like I said, it was a great time...lots of laughter, story sharing, love, and joy! Can't beat it.


Katie said...

It is wonderful to have life long friends, they do make the hard times easier. I am glad Gloria is surrounded by so much love and that you were able to spend this time together. It must have meant a lot for her to see how much she is loved and cared for.

Carrie said...

What amazing friendships! I could feel the joy through the wonderful pictures! So wonderful to see what such great bonds can do through hard times! Such a close family!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Those friendships make life an incredible stop on this journey! And how neat that your Mom modeled that for you -- that's why YOU are such an amazing friend! :-) How is Gloria?

jenjen said...

How wonderful for your mom to have such a great set of friends! I am wishing your mom's friend Gloria well and will keep her in my prayers.


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You're so right... old friends rock!!

Loved your s'more tip... I was just thinking about graham, marshmallow, and peanut butter cups in the microwave. A match made in heaven I think!!

have a lovely day~

bluecottonmemory said...

What a sweet, big hug of a post! I don't think that our children realize how those friendships helped make us who we are and inadvertenly made you who you are. My friends are part of my family! It's amazing the support they generate with their love!

Jules said...

Friends are what makes the world go round, and family of course.

Tina said...


Thanks for the comment and you know I respect your thoughts....

I agree I don't understand the reason these people obsess...I also agree people can follow who ever they wish, but at the same time I hate to see people being taken advantage of. I'm just like that....I care. Maybe I can't change it but I think it is so unchristian like to tweet and blog about something BIG only to make money off your blog ads by peolpe clicking time and time again. The thing is this is not the first time...nor is it the first way. I've seen her make a contest into someone being the next million hit and people stay up all night to be that person....I'm like what is that about.

I have blogher ads on my blog but I would never blog just for the sake of money. I also would never be dishonest with my blog friends. I am the same person as far as being honest in real life or blog life!

I guess I wanted to see if I was on the same page in my thinking as my fellow blog friends so thank you for commenting.

Also I loved your post about your moms friends and I agree old friends are great.....it is like you don't have to see or talk to each other everyday and you just pick up where ever you left off last time! I'll be praying for the health of your moms friend.

Multiple personalities.. said...

What a wonderful group of ladies! You're absolutely right, nothing beats the support and love of old friends, friends who've known you for years and have been in your life through thick and thin. I will say a prayer for your mom's friend...have a blessed day!

Emily said...

yes, good friends like that are the best all the time!

Ally said...

How amazing to have life long friends like that. It's such a gift!
I'm sure it makes Gloria's journey through cancer a little easier knowing she has friends like that by her side!

Miller Racing Family said...

What great pictures. I love that they still all get together. I love the picture of all the girls and the laughing. What great memories.