Monday, February 4, 2008

There's Nothing Like Old Friends...Even During Sad Times

Last week one of my best friends lost her mother. That is something that is hard to think of being that we are the same age and I can't imagine losing my mother at this age. So, last week I traveled to Cleveland for Tanysha's mother's funeral. Mrs. Hoston was a lovely, passionate, honest, God-filled woman who will be truly missed. She was like another mother to me, keeping me in line like I was one of her own. All that said, I was able to see old friends that I haven't seen in years. In HS I had a very close group of friends. We are all still close but have moved all over the country so it's harder to keep in touch. So, even though it was a sad and emotional event, it was really refreshing to see old friends and talk like we were just together the other day. While some of the Posse members were missing, it still was like old times. I miss you girls!!!!

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Myron Bennell said...

This means so much to me Kel. It was so good to be around everyone evn thoug it was to celebrate mommy's life. Love you girl. By the way I check your page now and then, but I dont comment.