Friday, July 24, 2009

Thanking God on Friday

* I am thankful for rainy days. Even though it keeps us inside, it makes for a productive week. I was able to sit and tackle a few small things that I've wanted to do, like move all of the kids DVDs.
* I am thankful for good times with friends. We were able to get together with friends this week and it was really nice to be able to catch up and have a good time. I truly enjoy spending time with friends.
* I am thankful for my friend Lyndsey who let me borrow Finger Lickin Fifteen. It gave me a chance to have a few good laughs and save a couple of bucks. Thanks Lyn.
* I am thankful that the founding pastor of our church will be giving the sermon on Sunday. He was gone by the time I started going to New Life and it will be cool to hear him preach. I've heard such great things about him.
Why are you thankful, tell me?


Angie S said...

I am thankful for my 2 amazing children and helpful husband. I thank God everyday for our good health.

I am thankful for my husband's job that blesses us with money to allow me to stay home with the kids.

I am thankful for making new blog guys keep me going! It is great to know other moms that are living a similar life to me...diapers, cooking, cleaning, managing the household :)

I could go on and on! God is good!

Joanna said...

I am thankful for Zack and our girls. The world would be a sad boring place without them.

And this weekend I am thankful that it's Christmas in July on QVC! *smiles*

Ally said...

I am truly thankful for so much, but after a very rough and emotional week, I'm really just thankful it's over and the weekend is upon us. Is that bad?

Xazmin said...

I'm thankful for sweet blog friends like you who always make my day brighter!

I'm jealous that rainy days help you get things done...I always feel like curling up with a good book when it rains!