Monday, October 25, 2010

miscellany monday

 Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Happy Birthday to me...Two weeks from today, November 8, is my 34th birthday.  My favorite color is yellow, I like sun catchers, dolphins, and Coca Cola...just sayin' :)

2.  We have cable, yet it never fails that there are times when there is nothing on...nothing.  This weekend I was flipping through channels and couldn't find one thing that I wanted to watch...maybe I should have used it as a hint to clean ;)

3.  Speaking of TV...there's a new channel now called The Hub.  It has the best shows...Fraggle Rock, the original Transformers, Wonder Years, Doogie Howser, Laverne & Shirley.  I have enjoyed taking a step back in time and watching shows that I loved when I was a kid.  Jamison and Caleb have been watching Fraggle Rock with me and it has made for some great bonding time.

4.  Funny Jamison...Caleb likes attention and this morning was no exception.  He was on the floor pretending to sulk and when I called his name he didn't respond.  Then Jamison called his response.  Then Jamison said "Thomas" and he hopped up super fast.  Jamison laughed like "gotcha."  It was just the laugh I need to start a Monday morning.


The Starr Family said...

Kids will be kids, always ornery!

Happy early birthday to you! Never too early to start celebrating my friend, never too early!

Kelli said...

Awesome! Does that mean you get to celebrate for the next two weeks? ;)

Gotta love it when the kids give you a reason to smile on the a Monday morning. :)

Rach said...

LOL! Don't you just adore kids? :o) Jamison is AWESOME!

Oo, I need that Hub channel!!

34 on the 8th? I'll be 34 on the 24th! I love yellow too. Hee hee! :o)

jennykate77 said...

Awe, cute...I love your hints on your birthday list! :) I've got to find that TV channel you're talking about!! Isaiah would love the Transformers and I would LOVE Fraggle Rock!!

Hope you have a great week!!♥

Farmgirl Paints said...

Well happy birthday two weeks early;) You are so funny. I like yellow too:)

That channel sounds awesome! Love the old shows. Laverne and Shirley was my absolute favorite. I actually bought several seasons at Cracker Barrel so my girls could see it too.

Carrie said...

haha...I love reading your likes just before your birthday ;) You are still a young one :) I turned 35 this month...mid-thirties, yikes! haha!

I agree...we have cable...and we really don't watch any of it...I like HGTV and I sometimes watch Bravo, but really, I don't think there is ever anything on!

Jamison is so funny ;) I love when our kids can outsmart us sometimes :)

Miller Racing Family said...

Love the kids story! Don't we all need a laugh on Monday morning. I am so with you on tv surfing. I can't stand that there is usually nothing on the tv on the weekend. Well besides NASCAR, lol.
Have a great day!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I loved Fraggle Rock when I was little! I'll have to see if we have that channel! I love your first one...Happy Birthday two weeks early:)

Vivienne said...

I love a good "gotcha moment" and I agree that there is never anything on TV.

{Bobbi} said...

I miss you! Hope you are doing GREAT!

Becca said...

Where is this HUB channel?? I am going to have to check it out!!


phasejumper said...

I haven't heard of the Hub...I'll have to check it out. "Dance your cares away, worries for another day, let the music play..."