Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take a Tour Tuesday

My blog friend Shawn over at Seriously started a new carnival for us to share our spaces. Today we are to share our kids' rooms.

I posted about Jamison's room here and Caleb's room here. So, go, and then come back.

OK, good, you're back. Nothing has changed much in Jamison's room at all. She loves her art center and it really works out well because everything has a place. I still need to do tags for her containers...work in progress.

Caleb's room I've cleaned up a bit. I have not done the life verse yet, but plan on it soon. We're going to get him a toddler bed even sooner...if only I believed that he would stay in it.

So, that's where my kids live. How about yours?


Shawn said...

I love you little Princess' room! You're so organized!

What verse are putting on Caleb's wall?

tHanks for playing!


Carrie said...

Emily absolutely LOVES her little Princess dolls...she plays with those more than anything she has...so cute! I love her organized room! And Caleb room is cute...can't wait to see the verse, that will be so nice! You don't even want to see Alex's room right now...I think there is a floor in there somewhere! I'm so behind on 'picking up' right now. We're not home much with school and activities coming to a close...and with nicer weather, we're outside! Oh well...they're kids..they don't need to see their floor, right? haha!

jenjen said...

Cute, cute, cute Kelli! You are such a fabulous mom!