Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Drawer Organization...Check!

We only have two drawers in our kitchen. Because of that all my utensils are stuck in one drawer and the other drawer is a junk drawer (doesn't everyone have a junk drawer?). The utensil drawer had gotten out of control and I needed something to maintain order.

When I was in Target the other day I saw these trays that were different sizes and I thought it would help. I don't have a before picture because I never think of it until I'm in the middle of the project...ugh! Just picture stuff everywhere and having things not very easy to find.

Here's the final result:

Now this may not seem super organized to you but to me it's lovely. I got the wooden organizer cleaned out (this was already in the drawer). Next to it is one of the containers that now has all of the kids' forks and spoons as well as my Pampered Chef bag clips. Next to that are things I use more often...brownie spatula, potato/apple peeler, can opener... Behind that I put all of my serving items and spreaders in a container, so that I could have easy access to them. Then, you can't see, but behind the wooden organizer is another container that has items I don't use as often, garlic press, zester, cork screw... This is much better!
Here's my next project...Caleb's room:

I've done some of the cleaning already, but here's his closet where his Little People sets will go. I bought some of those canvas containers for his toys and in one I put all of his Little People. It's so nice to have a place for them.

Here's a shot of some of his toys. Like I said the Little People sets will go in his closet, to be pulled out when he wants to play. I also need to figure something out to organize all of the books he has...maybe a big basket.

This is the wall where I'll put his life verse. It's right next to his door.

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

Ok-Bedrooms I can organize, but my kitchen drawers...UGH!!! I envy you-Our are always a mess, and being my OCD self, that is so irritating to me...But in the scope of life-it is minor, so I let it go...until I open the drawer again!

Katie said...

I love an organized drawer...the world may be crashing around me but I can find my spatula! Great job!

Miller Racing Family said...

As you know I love organization, so I love any ideas. For our kitchen tools I have a Pampered Chef spinning container that holds everything and is great for fast cooking. Hope you have a wonderful day and great job!

Joanna said...

I am such an organization freak...When I am in the mood. The mood hasn't struck me in a while. We have a junk drawer in every room! *smiles*

Kelli said...

You've got some good goals girl! Keep up the good're really "movin'". =)

Ms. Tee said...

I just organized my kitchen messiest drawer and it feels sooo good. I love not having everything interwined and stuck together now. :)

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

You've been busy at work, my friend! Doesn't organizing just make you smile!? ;)