Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pictures from Easter Sunday

A little sibling love before church...

Caleb: "What you talkin' 'bout Mama, I have to go to the nursery?"

Jamison: "Just smile and maybe we'll get a donut at church."

"Look at ME, you know the lady whose shadow is right on you!"

Maybe the Easter egg hunt at Maw Maw's wore them out...or could have been the crash after all of the candy!


Ruby Red Slippers said...

Why can't my kids fall asleep in the car??? Is it a sugar crash?? I need to give mine a lot more...because mine are nuts in the car!
Love the before church pictures! So cute!
(Chicken salad tomorrow just for you!)
Happy Easter!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Kelli, Great pictures! My son wore the exact same orange vest for Easter!!! I'll have to post a few pics just for you to see. ;)

Love the little "conversation" the two little ones had in that second picture. So funny!

Glad you had a wonderful kids crashed in the car on the way home from grandma and grandpa's, too. It was bliss! ;)

Miller Racing Family said...

I love the photos. The captions are so fitting. The before church photos are so cute and aren't we thankful for grandparents and wearing the kiddos out!
I also wanted to let you know that I have tagged you to play a fun game. Head over to my blog and get all of the details.
Hope you and your family had a great Easter!

jenjen said...

Cute pictures Kelli! My kids fall asleep in the car. Too much Easter excitement!


Joanna said...

They are so cute! Looks like the day wore them out.