Monday, May 25, 2009

Friend Makin Monday (Night)

The kids are asleep, Ron's watching the I'm bloggin!

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Today's question:

How did you and your significant other meet?

Good question! Rondell and I met my freshman year, his sophomore year, at The Ohio State University . He was (follow me) a friend of my RA's best friend. I remember the very first day I met him...I was in the room of the friend of my RA and Rondell knocked on the door. My first thought, "man, he's tall."

We were friends my freshman year but it wasn't until the end of the year that I got that tingly feeling for Mr. Davis. He had no clue (and knowing what I know now about him, that doesn't surprise me).

The moment when I knew I really liked him was when I was in his room and we were sitting talking and listening to music...well, he reached towards me and I thought he was going to kiss me, but he was just reaching to change the CD. How embarrassing! We laugh about that, even now.

The summer after my freshman year Rondell went to South Carolina to sell books or something. He told me he would write me and I waited and waited. On the first day of my job at Sea World (which I hated), my mom picked me up from the shuttle station and with her she had a letter...from Rondell. Ahhh, the days before email!

When he got back to Columbus we would talk on the phone off and on. One day we talked about him coming to visit me in Cleveland (that's where I lived at the time...I grew up outside of Cleveland) and my mom said it was OK (even though she didn't know him, but trusted me). He traveled on the Greyhound to come and see that's love. He stayed for a few days, we watched movies, hung out, and that's about it. We took him back to Columbus because we were going to visit family that weekend.

Even after the visit I was not sure if he liked me (and knowing what I know now about Ron...of course he liked me, he's just really quiet).

When we returned to school we would hang out but no talk about "us." On Sweetest Day I was set up on a terrible blind date not knowing that Rondell had planned on giving me a card and roses (and expressing his undying love for me...I like to add that!). I must have known he had something planned but I think it was after I already agreed to go on the date. I remember having my friend, who worked at the front desk of my dorm, page me (ahhh before texting) while I was on my date using codes we created to let me know what it was. We still try and always celebrate Sweetest Day together to kind of make up for the one we missed. It's kind of our day.

We made our relationship official on November 26, 1996...and the rest is history!


Vivienne said...

What's Sweetest Day? I know the FMM question didn't say to write it, but how did he propose?

Ms. Tee said...

Awww,that's such a sweet story! How funny about him changing the cd! You've gotta love those days before email and texting, too. :)