Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Weekend

The weather was beautiful this weekend and we took full advantage. On Friday my friend Katie came over with her three boys, Garrett, Gray, and Owen. I made ziti and we ate and talked and the kids played. Sorry no pictures. It was nice to let the kids play outside and have a ball and just as nice to have conversation with Katie. She is so nice and so down to earth! The food was yummy too, if I do say so myself. Katie brought bread and butter, a girl after my own heart. And not just any butter, this type of European butter, which was delicious!

On Saturday the kids went with Maw Maw (Rondell's mom) to a pumpkin patch and they got their faces painted and everything. They were so excited (and tired) when they got home that night. I was able to get some cleaning done and relax and enjoy a good book!

Sunday was church and we got to see two of our favorite people...Marja and Mila.

Rondell holding two of his favorite little people, Mila and Caleb.
After church, well Small Group, the kids and I went with my mom apple picking. This is something we had never done before, so it was nice to have a new adventure. Jamison was really excited to pull apples off of the trees. The farm that we went to is HUGE. There were apples everywhere. And the trees didn't look like anything I had imagined. There's a little farm store so I got some apples that weren't open for picking and some cider for Rondell (he had to work).
After the store we went picking for apples. It didn't take very long to fill up the bad that they gave us. It was a good time.

Jamison picking her first apples.

Caleb trying to give Gramma Lee a taste.

Caleb gettin a little taste. If you look closely you can see the apple juice hanging from his chin.

Jamison loved the sampling part too! She's ready to bake some pies with Rondell (he's the baker in our house).

After we got home Jamison had a movie date with the little boy that lives next door. I think they watched probably 20 minutes of the movie, of course, and then it was outside to swing.

We should all sleep really well tonight.

AND...I'm off tomorrow!!!!!!

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