Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How to People do it

As we speak my children and quietly watching Wonder Pets. Jamison is laying on my bed and Caleb is (was, is...it keeps going back and forth) standing in front of her and she's rubbing on his head. Every once in a while as I was checking Facebook I would turn and check on them and they were just so cute and peaceful and tuned into the show. So, what did I do....reached for my camera of course. Did I get the picture, of course not. How do people catch "those moments?" I tried three times, but each time Caleb would see me with the camera and run to me. Now the moment is over. They are still quiet, but not in close quarters anymore.

At least I have the picture in my head.

How do you all capture "those moments?"


The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

We capture them with COMPLETE luck!!!!!

Mike and Katie said...

I have the same problem especially because my digital makes so much noise and takes so long to snap a picture. My new one is better and I think there's a way to turn the beeping off.

Just keep snapping away. That what's great about digital-deleting.