Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Verdict Is In :(

I wish I had good news, but at the moment I don't...I didn't get the new position. I didn't even get a second interview.

This is my vent...I really wanted that position, HR Manager. I feel like I worked pretty hard in preparing for the interview and ultimately the job. My position now is one that is very in tune with our judges and employees and I REALLY thought that would be huge for the HR Manager. Sigh.

So, the letter we got before the first interview said that if we were chosen for a second interview we would hear by no later than Friday. So, of course since Tuesday I was on pins and needles. I didn't feel really great about how my interview went but I was hopeful. So by Thursday I had heard nothing and so I was beginning to doubt because I knew my boss would not be in on Friday (he's the one who makes the decision with the assistance of the others on the interview panel). Friday morning another person who also applied told me she got a letter in her interoffice mailbox that said thanks but no thanks, but I got nothing. Then I was a little hopeful that maybe I would get a call (well basically that someone would come over to my desk and tell me that I made it to the second round)...but that never happened. So I left work so very unsure.

I text my boss and asked him if he was waiting to tell me the bad news in person (because I just couldn't stand it anymore). He finally text me back today to say "yes, it was how he thought it should be handled with me. Sorry it didn't work out." BUMMER.

I'm so sad I didn't get it and I'm trying to stay positive (especially since I hate to be sad around my kids), but I am in a funk! I also don't like that he didn't tell me before, because then the silence just kind of spoke for itself and I had to put two and two together on my own. I feel like I deserved more than that. I thought our professional relationship as his personal assistant was at a place where he would've pulled me aside and just let me know. I'm disappointed in that too.

Finally, I think 'gosh, the people who interviewed me are people who I work with everyday and they didn't think I could do the job.' It is a bit of a kick in the gut. Don't get me wrong I am sure that there were well qualified candidates but I would like to think that they would have at least thought harder about whether or not I could do it, and be good at it. that that's off my chest, I need to move on and remember that this is just a season in my life. It's not the end...there are other things out there. Now I just have to find it because I can't sit at my desk and do nothing all day much longer. I'm worth more.


The Bates Family said...

Good attitude girl! That's right, it is just a season in your life..."to everything there is a season"...and the Lord will show you what he wants you to be doing right now. Maybe it's just being a mommy for you little guys. Maybe He has another job in store for you somewhere, just not yet. Stay patience sweetie and it'll all work out! :)

Lyndsey said...

You will know when the right opportunity presents itself. This just wasn't it. If HR is what you really want to do maybe you could start taking classes and pursue that. Take this down time at work to use to your advantage and better yourself as a person on someone else's dime. You are a great person and you will do just fine!

Shelly said...

So sorry for your disappointment. The Lord will put you where you're supposed to be, but His timing is sometimes hard to wait on, isn't it?
Hang in there...

Nancy said...

Hi Kelli, thanks for stopping in on my blog. Sorry to hear you didn't get the job you wanted, that is hard I'm sure. Hopefully things will all work out the best for you. Fun to meet you! Your family is beautiful, the kids adorable.