Friday, October 3, 2008

My Mom's Twin

My mom and her "twin"

Today a great lady passed away, my great aunt Bernice. Aunt Bernice was my grandfather's little sister. My grandfather, who passed away when I was about 5, had two sisters, an older sister Dorothy and Bernice. My great aunt Dorothy passed away suddenly two years ago. Aunt Bernice and Aunt Dorothy were the matriarchs of my family. They were the best of friends, spending everyday together from morning until Jeopardy went off, and Aunt Bernice had a really hard time when Aunt Dorothy passed away as you can imagine. But she never lost her spark. Aunt Bernice was a feisty woman! I used to always tease my mom telling her that the family secret is that she's really Aunt Bernice's daughter because they look so much alike (Aunt Bernice only had boys so I'd tell Mommy that she didn't want any girls so she gave Mommy to her brother). She will be truly missed.

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