Wednesday, October 15, 2008

8 Things

OK, so I wasn't tagged for this but I saw it on another blog and thought it was cute.

8 Shows I Love to Watch

1. Lost (January can't get here fast enough)
2. Criminal Minds
3. Grey's Anatomy (even though I haven't watched once this whole season yet)
4. Jon and Kate Plus 8
5. Desperate Housewives
6. The Young and the Restless
7. Without a Trace
8. Private Practice

8 Things that Happened Yesterday

1. I had a job interview (still praying)
2. Went to the Gelhaus' for some play time
3. Rondell had to work
4. Caleb didn't eat dinner
5. Got to read my book
6. Missed a good photo opportunity (see below post)
7. Cut out coupons
8. Saw Rondell's aunt at Subway

8 Favorite Places to Eat

1. Cheesecake Factory
2. Giordano's Pizza in Chicago
3. Chipotle
4. Tommy's Pizza
5. Abuelo's
6. Fish Market for brunch (they don't have it anymore but it was so good)
7. Outback
8. Anywhere that Marja's mom is cooking (her mom is the best cook)

8 Things I am Looking Forward to

1. My growing relationship with God
2. Destin in May
3. The holiday season
4. Getting my debt paid off
5. My birthday
6. Watching my kids grow
7. Quiet time with Rondell
8. A time when my house is organized

8 Things on My Wish List

1. Growth as a Christian
2. To continue to be a good wife and mother
3. To be able to go to Destin every year
4. Pay off all of our debt
5. For my kids to stay healthy and happy
6. To get the job I interviewed for
7. An organized home
8. To worry less

4 People I Tag

1. Lacie
2. Kelli
3. Jamie
4. Katie


Dallas said...

Glad to know that you are a reader...thanks for commenting :). good luck with the job interview!

Kim said...

Kelli, thanks for your comments on my blog! And I love this post. Sometimes I feel like I run out of things to say, and I might copy this one! Thanks!

Mike and Katie said...

Hi Kelli,

Can I bow out on this one? I hate to put much stuff about me on the blog because it's supposed to be for Amanda's birthparents. I try to keep it as much about her as possible. And the other one is supposed to be about the boys. I could really use my own blog where I could really bare all and participate in "No Me Monday" every week but I don't have time.:) I love reading these though. It really interesting to see what important enough to make it on a list.

It sounds like Kim here would like to be tagged!


Ms. Tee said...

Oh, I just saw that you like Lost, too - we're dying waiting for it to start back up!!
P.S. Thank you for the sweet comment! - I think *homier* is a perfect word :)