Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please, please, please

Since I know that you all who read my blog love me dearly and only want what's best for me, I need your prayers.

Currently I work as a secretary for the Municipal Court. The main reasons that I like my job are...I work for a person that I respect, one of my closest friends works down the hall, and I am the go-to person for information (I like to be needed). I don't like my job because I have A LOT of down time, I don't get to utilize my degree, I don't feel like I'm making an impact on the Court, and I'm bored (because did I mention I have a lot of down time).

So, recently I applied for a new position, HR Manager. I wasn't sure about applying at first because I don't have any true HR training. But, after a lot of prayer and thought, I decided to apply. In preparation for my possible interview (which is scheduled for Tuesday, October 14) I realized how much I would love to have the position. I would still be a go-to person, I'd be able to help with the process of our administration, I would be able to be creative to help develop a better HR program (I need to be writing these things down!) and I would still work for a person who I respect (same boss).

That is why I'm asking for a little (well, a lot) of prayer that I get the job. It's going to be hard because there were a lot of qualified people who applied (with actual HR experience), but I know the Court, work well with its employees, and want to make a change here.

So, please, please, please pray for me. And pray that it is not in God's will for me to have it that I can be satisfied in that.


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