Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Final Game

Jamison had her last soccer game this past Saturday. I wasn't able to be there but my mom, Rondell and Caleb went. They said it was a good game and Jamison even scored another goal. She's getting pretty good at that. I think this was a great experience for her and we will definitely do it again in the spring. Her coach, David, was so patient with her and so was his wife Angie. It was nice to have my friend Janna to talk to during the games as well.

Jamison and her new friend Addi. I think it's so cute how these two clicked instantly and all on their own.

After each game they do a tunnel and the kids run through. It's so cute!

Whoops, look out for Addi.

Here's Dylan, my friend Janna's little boy.

My little star!

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