Friday, October 3, 2008

Prayer Needed

Wow! My 3rd post in one night...I must have a lot to say.
There is a blog that I came across recently. It is about this woman Stephanie and her family. Well, she and her husband were recently in a terrible plane crash and are both recovering in the hospital in very critical status. Now I don't usually read blogs that make me cry too often (I'm already emotional enough!), but this one really caught my interest. The husband is recovering better than the wife and he's alert and has been to see Stephanie, who is still sedated. Reading this family's story brings tears to my eyes and my heart truly goes out to them. Feel free to stop by her blog...I've included a link to the right. Right now her sister (who's blog you can link to under blogs I read...because her blog contains the updates about the couple and how their four children are adjusting) is updating Stephanie's blog with former posts, it's cute.
Please just keep this family in your prayers. I know I am.


Lindsay said...

Hi Kelli,
I received your comment on my blog so I had to jump over to yours and check it out. It's great. And I visited the blogs related to this tragedy. What an incredible story. I now have it linked on my blog.


Angela said...

Hi Kelli! Nice to "meet" you!
Love your blog... your children are beautiful!
I went to visit the blogs about this family, and have added them to my prayer list... my husband's Dad lost his life in an airplane crash, and it is such a vivid memory.
How wonderful for you to spread the word so more can pray for them - prayer is a very powerful thing!

Kim said...

Hi Kelli... Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I always wonder who checks in on our family. :) Your family looks so happy, you must be a great mom!