Friday, January 21, 2011

Thanking God on Friday!

**  I am thankful for salt...not the kind you eat, but the kind that goes on the ground.  The salt is hopefully keeping the roads safe as we are getting more snow.

**  I am thankful for the lesson from BSF this week.  We read about Hezekiah and all about how, when struck with a crisis, he turned directly to God.  My favorite part is in Isaiah 37:14 where it says "...; and Hezekiah went up to the house of the LORD, and spread it before the LORD."  He laid it out...all of it, before God and let it go.  There are so many things that I pray about, but I don't release them completely and this is an example of how to fully give it to God...whatever it is.

**  I am thankful for my Granita.  Wednesday marked the three year anniversary of her going to be with Jesus.  While I miss her tremendously, I am SO grateful that she was in my life...for all of the things that she taught me, all the times she listened to me, and just her overall gentle heart (and she made some mean biscuits!).  The other day while folding sheets, I got a whiff and they smelled just like her sheets did...maybe she too used Tide.  I was able to just sit and sort of feel her was lovely.

**  I am thankful to be able to have a date with my Jamison.  We are going to see Disney Princess on Ice with her Girl Scout troop and she is so excited.  It will be nice to have some mother/daughter time together. 


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Your mother/daughter night with Jamison sounds like fun!! And it is too funny that you are thankful for salt...we don't know anything about salt on the roads down here in Mississippi:)

Rach said...

What a fun list this week!

The salt? Yes, a good thing--unless you are in our area where if a little salt (mixed with SAND!) is a good thing, a LOT must be better, and they managed to clog up storm drains, leading to flooding when the snow and ice melted. Oops!

I wish I had been reading your blog while your Granita was still with us. She sounds like an amazing lady. :o)

Oh, have SO much fun with Jamison! We went to Disney on Ice last year and it was a BLAST! Lil was *enchanted*! said...

Kelli, I did not know that Granita passed the same year as my mom and so close together; sniff, sniff. I have been thinking of her recently too. Jan. 26
Love you

Genn said...

Salt, oh my what would they do without it for the snowy roads!

Have fun at Disney on Ice!! I would love to take my girls to that. Hope ya'll have a great time.

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

And I am thankful for you, because I always feel so encouraged when I read your blog! Have a great Friday!

Vivienne said...

I get a little spiritual boost every time I come over here. I'm going to dig in to Isaiah 37 this morning. Thank you.

Your thoughts on your Granita are so sweet. Have fun with J, but good luck with that Disney Princess thing.

Tiffany said...

I do love what you shared about Hezekiah. I sometimes have trouble completely releasing stuff to God. I loved this example. Thanks for sharing!

Have so much fun on your date with Jamison. That sounds perfect.

Happy weekend!

The Starr Family said...

Oh my dear Kelli... you hit the nail on the head. I am FOREVER struggling with laying it all before Him. I always keep a little back to handle myself, and then I wonder why God is not moving? He can't move if my stubbornness is in the way! Thank heavens He is a God of mercy and grace... boy do I need grace.

Have a fabulous weekend beautiful girl!

Lissa said...

those are all lovely things! Hope you enjoyed Disney princess on ice! And that is a wonderful verse/story/ reminder!

Angie said...

Mother daughter time is the best. When Layla and I get to go out alone together I don't know who smiles bigger me or her...I hope you girls have a fun time!!