Sunday, January 30, 2011

...And Four Years Later

This happens...he grew up even though I've been begging him not to...

For those of you who have read my blog for a while you know this is my absolute favorite picture of me and Caleb.  I can't even believe that he was that tiny.

I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  Picture it...I was at home on my second day of maternity leave (to get full use of my leave I took off a week before my scheduled C-section).  I was making dinner for Rondell and Jamison (who were at the doctor because I suspected Jamison had an ear infection...she did).  I had "gas" pains all day but didn't think much of it.  At one point I stood up and thought I had peed on myself.  When I went to the bathroom I quickly realized it was not water had broken.  Turns out that my "gas" pains were actually contractions. 

I tried to calmly call Rondell, but of course I broke down on the phone and he barely understood me.  I called my doctor's office and remember being overwhelmed that I had to push the button because I had ruptured membranes.  I immediately called my mom who did not answer her phone...sigh (she did after the second try!).  Then I called my friend Lyndsey to see if she could watch Jamison until my mom could come and get her.

 As soon as Rondell came home we were off to drop off Jamison (thank you Lyndsey) and then to the hospital.  Up until now we didn't know if Caleb was a boy or a girl so we were excited to finally be at the point where we were going to find out.  I got all hooked up to monitors and prepped for my "emergency" C-section.  

By this time my mom and Rondell's mom & step dad had Jamison at home and settled (after my mom went on a mission for Jamison's Rx).  We entered the operating room and in no time He was was a boy!  I just kept saying to Rondell "it's a have a boy!"

I was in recovery for a while and we made a few phone calls to let people know that we had a new bundle of joy.  My mom and Rondell's mom came to the hospital in time to see Caleb get rinsed off and help me get settled into my room.

My boy was here!!!  I'll never forget it.

Here's my man at his party last year!  We are doing a repeat Thomas party this year because as he says "I still love Thomas."

 Mommy loves you little man!


Lori Burkitt said...

Happy birthday, Caleb! Yes, they do grow up way too fast. My little boy is in high school now. Enjoy and cherish every moment!

Kim3278 said...

I adore that little man of yours myself. Enjoy this day with him and your Thomas party. I can't wait to see pictures.

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!! It's so hard to believe that my kids were ever that tiny too. I'm starting to forget little things about when they were babies. :(

Enjoy your day with him!! And I hope he has a fabulous day as well.

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!!! :)

And happy Day of Birth to you, mommy-- since you did all the work, and all! ;)

Amy said...

He was SUCH a cute baby! But now he's such a handsome little man! It does go by fast, doesn't it...?

Carrie said...

Awww...Kelli...I LOVE love that picture of him and you precious, he was so tiny! I beg my kids every day to stop growing! They just laugh, and say "We can't help it!" It goes too fast!

He is such a handsome fellow! Happy birthday Caleb! I bet the ladies are lining up at the door already ;-)

He & Me + 3 said...

He was so tiny. I love that picture too. Saw it on your facebook profile. So sweet.
Happy Birthday Caleb!

Rach said...

OHMYGOODNESS! What a sweetie he is! What a sweetie he was. Holy cow they grow fast!!

Happy birthday (late), sweet Caleb! :o)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Happy Birthday to Caleb! That picture of him with the hat is adorable...I love his smile:)

Vivienne said...

Oh good grief! Could he possibly be any cuter?! I love his little grin! Happy birthday.
(BTW - I think you were on the money with the "Ladies Man" tee-shirt.)

PS~Erin said...

That photo is precious! Happy bday to your little man. And happy birth-day to you too!