Thursday, September 2, 2010

To Do Thursday!

Happy September...SEPTEMBER!!! Kind of like New Years, September brings about a fresh start, with school starting and for us a new routine. It is almost like a clean slate and Rondell and I are rolling with the enthusiasm of starting fresh. We've had a few talks this week about getting things done and how we're going to tackle them. I will have so many things to share with you on To Do Thursday over the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping this listing will keep us in line!

Last week I had small goals:

1. Get through the craft fair...DONE.

2. Get used to our new routine of getting everyone up in the morning and out the door...DONE. We have been doing really well with packing lunches the night before and getting clothes ready for the next day. It has made the mornings so much smoother and gets us started on our day in a more pleasant way.

This Week's To Do List

1. Pick up everything off of the floor in our room. Our room has become a dumping ground and it has to stop. Things seems to always filter into our toys, kids clothes, misc papers, my cup collection (read here), etc. Rondell and I have already started going through things but that will continue this week. I might show you a before picture!

2. Make cards for two people who ordered a congratulations set and one birthday set.

3. Make cover for my Isaiah BSF binder and take and show you guys a picture. BSF starts in a week and I want to be ready...I'm so excited.

4. Finish reading Fresh Power and look for Jesus Calling (read about it here) to begin doing daily devotionals.


Janna said...

Hi Kelli --- I don't think I've mentioned to you that I am switching back to BSF this year. CBS was a great bible study, but I'm very excited to be heading back to BSF. Please post your notebook cover when you're done... I would love to see it!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

My kitchen and dining room have turned into a dumping ground lately. Both room are terrible! I can't wait to see your BSF cover...I know it will be adorable!

Carrie said...

Our bedroom was always the dumping ground...and thankfully we got it under some control this summer when we moved the washer and dryer upstairs. I think there is always going to be some place that is the dumping ground...but I'm trying to keep up with it!

enjoy reading your book and starting BSF! Sounds like September is off to a great start! I agree...September just feels like the time when the year changes! But I love that! ;)

Take care...Have a great weekend!

Rach said...

Our bedroom is the dumping ground too! I don't know for sure, but I THINK there are more of Lil's toys and clothes in OUR room than HERS...;o)

I had to laugh, I always think of September as "New Year" as well! My life, for years (all my life, really) revolved around the school year so it made sense I was starting fresh each September.

Enjoy that BSF!! That looks wonderful! :o)

Nancy said...

I always love a great to do list. Can't wait to hear about your devotional. I am looking for one in a big way. When you don't have one, you feel a void.

Rambling Girl said...

i know eactly what you mean about mom/dad br is a dumping ground....sometimes lexi tends to think my whole house is a dumping ground except hers....

i still need to do my list and hubby and i both plan on doing this week along with fixing a new bill list also...dreading that second one though

Stacey Thomas said...

I have my bedroom to finish deep cleaning and organizing too. It's half done, I just need to get on it and finish it.
Great goals for the week Kelli, and as an aside, I LOVE Jamison's toenails! Too doggone cute!


He & Me + 3 said...

Your todo list is a great one this week. How cool that you got some orders for cards. Glad that your morning routine is going well. We will have to start ours on Tuesday. Yikes. First day of school! Woo hoo.

Vivienne said...

My kitchen counter is the dumping ground...
I agree with you that September is a clean slate.

LeAnna said...

Totally understand the dumping grounds! Our bedroom catches a bunch, but the island in the kitchen is the worst. I hate it when it gets all cluttered, where does all that junk come from????