Friday, September 24, 2010

Thanking God on Friday!

~  I am thankful that Caleb has decided that he is ready for underwear.  It has been a long process, but yesterday he told Rondell that he is ready...whoo hoo!  So, today he is at the sitter in his big-boy underwear (and a few extra outfits in his back pack!).

~  I am thankful that Rondell does not have to work tonight.  I have my first workshop tonight (one outside of my home, where a friend of mine is the hostess) and my childcare fell through.  Luckily Rondell was able to get the night off so I am good to go...thanks again Ron!
~  I am thankful that I made it home safely the other day.  As I was driving home a huge storm came through, which included very heavy rain and a tornado warning.

~  I am thankful that Jamison is enjoying Girl Scouts so far.  I'm thrilled for her to be involved in something.  She's really excited because they are going horseback riding tomorrow...something she's wanted to try for a little while.


Rach said...

WOO HOO!! Go Caleb!!!! Hooray for mama! :o)

I too am thankful you made it home in one piece. Yikes!

Good luck with your workshop this evening. Let me know how it goes! :o)

Shawn said...

Way to go Caleb!

He & Me + 3 said...

my girls wanted to do girl scouts...but it is on our only day off and I am just way too tired for that. Next year. :)
I want them too because I was one, but schedule is crazy already. Yum to the cookies.
Glad you have a sitter for tonight (hubs) It is great how it all worked out.
Yeah for underwear.

Angie said...

Yeay for Jamison getting to ride a horse. I loved horses when I was little...I'd still love to have one if they weren't so much work.

And super yeay! for big boy 'unders'. I realize that Hayden is only 2, but I really wish I could potty train him. No luck yet. He isn't interested :(

Kim3278 said...

Let me know when it is cookie time:)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Yay for big boy undies! It is always so nice to be done with diapers for a while! I'm hoping Eli is ready by next spring because I am tired of lifting his big hiney up on the changing table:) Good luck tonight at your workshop tonight...I know you'll do great!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

Go Caleb! We really need to start thinking about potty training Noelle. She really wants to wear her Minnie Mouse underwear all of the time and we shouldn't be so lazy. I guess now isn't the best time to have everyone else try to undertake that! Maybe after Christmas :)

Yay for Rondell getting the night off! I hope your workshop was a success!

I am always so scared driving home in storms. Unfortunately, we get nasty storms almost every afternoon during the summer. Fortunately, I only have to go into my office 1-2 days a week!

How fun for Jamison! I hope she enjoys horseback riding :)

Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend!!

Vivienne said...

I'm glad you got home safely! That is so scary! Hooray for Caleb!

Stacey said...

Great news about Caleb Kelli!! I am so glad for your whole family, it sure will alleviate stress you didn't even realize was there.

I am thankful for your safety in the storm the other day...I don't know about you, but inclement weather that makes road conditions iffy kinda scares me.

I am thrilled for Miss Jamison and Girl Scouts. I was a Girl Scout for a few years and loved it. It really does provide so many opportunities for girls and I wish her the best of luck. Please hit me up when cookie sales come around.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Rachel said...

A little one wanting underwear is a moment for celebration!!!!

Blessings on your weekend. :)