Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Florida 2011 - WARNING...Major Picture Overload

Seriously, this is a really long post with tons of pictures.  I wanted to make sure I captured all of the wonderful moments on our vacation.

We were gone an entire week and it could have been longer.  My friend Tanysha was able to fly in from Atlanta (on Vision Airlines for $19 each way!) and stay with us for a few days.  I didn't get a chance to see my Joanna because her girls were sick :(

Overall this was the best time we've ever had in Destin and can't wait to return.  Here's a recap:

We had a ton of stuff...can you see Jamison?
We stayed overnight in Brentwood, TN and it was SO nice to finally see blue skies.

I am fascinated by the red dirt down south.
Driving over the bridge into Destin.
View from our balcony the evening we arrived.  I sat out there for quite a while.
Our view in the morning.

Our first day at the beach.  It was really windy and the waves were kickin' up...but it didn't stop us from having fun :)

Do you think we had enough stuff?  Ross, the lifeguard behind us, was really helpful.

I love the sandy little feet.
There were quite a few down moments...playing DS (I love when Caleb sits like this), napping, watching movies, playing Uno, and just enjoying the view.

Sweet Makayla had a few relaxing moments.
Jamison was thrilled to help out with breakfast one morning...she cracked all of the eggs.
There was a little time for homework...Jamison is writing a book on squirrels.

Many times we had the pool all to ourselves...nice:
There were quite a few water fights:

Tanysha and Makayla...the baby had a fun time in the water.

The kids showing of their "tricks":

I love this picture...it shows my mom with her beautiful genuine smile and a classic Jamison face.
Movie Star!
Best meal...Chez Wanda

We had an early dinner here...the food was amazing, the view was stunning, and the service was great.
This girl thoroughly enjoyed her meal...popcorn shrimp and lump crab.
Makayla even got a taste of the yummy mashed potatoes...she looks excited about that doesn't she?

We took some group pictures outside of the restaurant by the beach:

It rained this same evening and made the most stunning rainbow right over the Gulf.  God's creations are just amazing.

We drove to the other end of Destin...so beautiful.

We squeezed in some time for frozen custard:

I want her eyes.

On our last day we headed back to the beach.  This was the most beautiful day by far:

Can you see how clear the water is?

And this is what is looks like when you pull into home after midnight.

You still with me?  Anybody...Bueller?


Carrie said...

looks like a wonderful time!!!! Georgia clay is a mess if you get it on anything lol


Stacey said...

Love all your photos! Looks like you had an awesome time. Makes me want to go there too!


Genn said...

I'm still here!
Looks like a great time!!
What beautiful pictures. And that beach. SO pretty!
Glad you had a nice time Kelli.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I want her eyes too! Gorgeous :)
Oh my goodness, it looks like you guys had a lovely time. All that sun, and the beautiful, clear waters. I NEED A VACATION!!! LOL! :)

Brittany said...

I absolutely LOVE the photos! It looks like you had a blast!!! :)

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

I'm still with you, Kelli! Looks like a FANTASTIC (and oh so relaxing) trip and I'm super jealous! Especially because the beach has white sand!! In one of those pictures it almost looked like snow. The beaches we have here on the west coast (Oregon) are far from white!! :)

Thanks for sharing your trip with us! I know there is probably a gazillion things you have to catch up from being gone a week. May you have the energy to do so!! :)

Have a great week!

Carrie said...

Kelli, those are awesome pictures! jamison is beautiful and i want her eyes...and hair, it looked so cute, she's a doll! how fun to have your friend and her sweet baby there too! such a memorable vacay! your mom's dinner looked delicious! can we borrow her for our vacation?! ;-)

such a beautiful trip and a beautiful family!

Kelli said...

I love Destin!!! I'm about 3 hours away and I look forward to making the drive back over there someday. Great photos, and your family is beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing!

Kelli from ugottafriend.com

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I'm still with you! I love every single picture and actually was disappointed "Wait! What? We're home? It's over? Aw man!"
What a wonderful trip you guys had! How many hours is the road trip? The kids are gorgeous (J's eyes are amazing!) and little Caleb is so dang cute! That baby Makayla is adorable too. Good friends, family, good food. Great trip!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

The water looks so pretty! And man the whole time I was looking at your pics all I could think was how grown up Jamison looks! I meant to tell you about a BBQ place in Destin before you left but I forgot!

The Starr Family said...

She's back!! Whoa baby!

Beautiful pics and such well deserved family time! What I love most about your pictures are the smiles. Everyone seems content with one another!

Happy laundry to you... :)

Becca said...

Loved seeing all your pictures! It looked wonderful!!


Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

These pictures are fun. I have to admit I had to enlarge the first one to find Jamison- I love beach vacations too... even if it means arriving at home after midnight to make it happen! And I'm with you, I could stay at the beach longer then a week any time... ;)

Rachel said...

This looks like a magical trip, Kelli! Your family is just beautiful. Looks like a great time was had by all :)

Rach said...

Gorgeous. Stunning. Beautiful. Amazing! And, that's just the photos of the people. :o)

Things that stand out to me:
*Caleb's ADORABLE sandy piggies
*your GORGEOUS mama
*Jamison's STUNNING eyes
*the scenery
*your family--all of you--are so beautiful--your smiles are infectious!
*what a precious precious baby
*I could *feel* the fun y'all were having! :o)

What beautiful memories you all created. Thank you SO much for sharing with us! :o)

paige said...

too many beach photos? never!
glad you had a great week!!
the shrimp looks perfect!

Angie said...

Wow....the beach is the best vacation ever! My kids have never been and this makes me want to take them for sure this summer!

It looks like you had an amazing trip!! Thanks for sharing!

Joanna said...

I am SO sad that we missed y'all!!! :( However, we will be up this Summer and we will have to get together then.

However, it does look like y'all had an absolutely wonderful time. Jamison is getting so big! *sniff* She has grown so much since last year. And Caleb is just as adorable as ever!

I love her eyes as well. They are just gorgeous!

Mike and Katie said...

The water looked so beautiful on that last day. So calm and inviting!