Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanking God on Friday!

~  I am thankful for all of the wonderful birthday wishes.  So many people commented on my blog, or FB, or by text, or a phone call and I loved each and every one.

~  I am thankful for beautiful weather this week.  We have had blue skies and temps in the 60's all week and I've been loving every minute.  I stood outside for a bit last night looking up at the stars and just realizing how glorious God's creation is.

~  I am thankful (and a little nervous) that there is going to be a great turn out tonight for a workshop I have scheduled.  This will be my first workshop with people I have never met before (besides the hostess).  I'm excited to meet new people and show them the fabulous world of stamping.

~  I am thankful for a wonderful report from Jamison's teacher yesterday.  Overall her teacher said that she's a joy to have, responsible, smart, and confident.  It is so nice to know that she's adjusting well to 2nd grade. toot her horn, the teacher informed us that Jamison is the only student who has gotten all of the spelling words correct on all of the spelling tests!!!  GO Jamison :)


Stacey said...

Good luck with your workshop! I know you'll do great! I have been looking at the catalog, I need to get things ordered and stop procrastinating!
We've had great weather this week too, blue skies and in the 50's.
Glad to hear Jamison is doing well in second grade. Evan is loving second grade too, science seems to be his thing!
Have a wonderful weekend Miss Kelli!


Carrie said...

The weather has been so nice! Too bad I've been home with a sick Emily all week :(

WAY TO GO Jamison! That's awesome! It's so nice to hear so many wonderful words from the teacher!

Good luck with your workshop! It sounds like you will have a great crowd and it will be nice to meet some new friends :) Have a great weekend!

Emily said...

WTG Jamison! Those good reports from the teacher sure do make a person feel good!

Rach said...

I hope your workshop went well!! :o)

Woo hoo on the Jamison front! :o) I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday week. :o)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Miller Racing Family said...

I am glad to hear you have a had a great birthday week. I know you all enjoy birthdays as much as we do. Great Job Jamison!!!
I can't wait to hear about your workshop!
Have a great weekend!

PS~Erin said...

Hope your had a wonderful bday!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Glad you had a great birthday!!

Becca said...

I love your thankful lists!! How did your workshop go??