Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

~Jamison called me yesterday morning to ask how God talks to her. It was a great way to start my day. I tried my best to explain to her how she may not always hear him, but that He's always talking to her. It made me stop to think if I'm always listening.

~I am VERY disappointed in Private Practice. Rondell and I have been catching up on this season (we still have about 5 more shows to go) and I'm really upset at the way they are handing Violet's postpartum depression (side note: she probably also has post traumatic stress disorder, since she was attacked and had her baby cut out of her). No one is stepping up to tell her that she needs help. No one noticed that she was completely detached from her baby. No one is trying to ease the pain that she's experiencing. I'm not saying that they should be expected to notice the signs right away, but they should see that something is going on.

When I was going through PPD the biggest help was my support system and all of the outlets and resources that are available...I couldn't have gotten through it without those things. PPD is serious and I just think that if a show is going to address it, it should also include people helping and showing resources that are available. GRRR (just my thoughts and opinion ONLY).

~Caleb has gone three days now on the the potty!

~I have realized that I really love bacon.

~I have the letters for the kids' bathroom and I'm going to work on them tonight and Friday (tomorrow we are going to a basketball game). I initially was going to exchange the letters that I bought, but then decided to keep the one I have. I'm hoping Rondell will help me hang them on Saturday (hint, hint Ron!).

~I want to make a cute little heart pillow to hang on my door. Does anyone know how to make those...or should I say, an easy way to make those? Or do you have a link of a place I can go to get some info on how to make one? I thought it would be cute for Valentine's Day.

~I am really enjoying reading the Old Testament...who knew!?

~Anything random going on with you?


Christie in Dallas, TX said...

I love hearing all of your "random" things! Hope your year is off to a great start!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

What a fun random post! Yay for Caleb going on the potty! And I bet your letters are going to be really cute! The pillow shouldn't be very hard. Just cute out two hearts, sew around the heart right sides together leaving a small hole to turn it, stuff the pillow, and then sew up the small whole. Don't forget to add in the ribbon if you are going to hang it. You would do that before you sew up the heart shape. Hope that helps.

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Great post...hope your hears pillow come out cute...can't wait to see a pic!!

Angie S said...

I think a heart pillow would be so fun to make. That sounds like a fun thing for Layla and I to how to do it??

I'm so happy for Caleb! Amazing news...I hope Hayden goes as smoothly as it seems Caleb is going.

I have a love affair with bacon. I love bacon bits on my salad. They have to be real bacon pieces, but I found some at the grocery store that are low cal for my Weight Watchers plan. But I'm so happy I didn't have to give up my bacon!!

I too am put out with PP, but I am excited that it is on tomorrow night.

I just love this random post!

Joanna said...

Love the randoms! Maybe I should do a inspired me. {I am!}

Yay for Caleb!! Major milestone. I was going to suggest the same thing that Kelli did about the heart, however, if you don't want to sew, get yourself some fabric glue and use that instead. I have been known to do that for a few things. : )

I love bacon too! Oh my. I'll even eat it cold when we have made too much and put some in the fridge...It's SO good!

I often realize I don't always listen out for God, it's so easy to forget with so much going on everyone's life. Thanks for the reminder to be listening!

Miller Racing Family said...

Great random list. Congrats to both Caleb and Jamison what big changes are happening in their world. Isn't bacon good on everything?
I have so many little projects going on, blog book, giveaways, sorting through baby clothes and I really just want to sit around and watch tv, is that bad.
Have a fabulous day!

Carrie said...

So cute about Jamison...and how true...I love how kids can get us thinking! Yay for Caleb...and hope you get the letters hung in your bathroom! Your a more patient person than I am...I've done all the picture, curtain-rod, shelf hanging at our house...but don't look behind those things..because you will find a bunch of holes! haha! I even thought of doing a post about that!

I'm sure you'll find a way to make a super cute heart pillow...can't wait to see :)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Yeah for potty training!

Lauren said...

Yea for Caleb!!

TV's portayal of PPD always makes me mad! It is such a serious issue, I really don't think it should be used to add drama to a show especially when the show isn't doing its due diligence with the subject matter! I had PPD twice and it takes friends and family support to get through it!

Kelli said...

Go Caleb!!! (I love that name, by the way.)

I do so love your 'ramblings'. They're random and fun.

Happy Wednesday!

Becca said...

When the kids asked me how they can hear God speak to them, I tell them he talks through your heart. When you feel something- that is God talking to you. When you are so happy and you have butterflies in your Tummy, that is God talking to you. When you feel something may not be "quite right", that is God talking to you. I want them to realize that God is with them 24/7 and always providing guidance into the decisions they make.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Emily said...

Are you following a book to read the OT or just reading it?

Kim3278 said...

I had PPD too. BAD! I felt your pain on Private Practice, but don't give on it yet!!!

I love Jamison's phone call. Tatum tells me she talks to Jesus every day and he talks back. I Love it.

I only WISH that Beckett was potty trained and that I had a sewing machine so that I could learn to sew with you.

Ann @ HouseOfEstrogen said...

I completely agree with you about Private Practice! I was feeling the same way. You are a BUNCH OF DOCTORS!!! How can you not recognize her PPD???? Rgh. Irritating!