Monday, January 18, 2010

Take Me Out To The (Basket)Ball Game

Rondell arranged for us to have a family fun night the other night. He got us tickets to go see a Women's OSU basketball game. The tickets were only $4 because it was some kind of staff appreciation night...I love a good deal.

Once we got there Rondell and I realized that we need to get out kids out more often because initially this is what they looked like:

They were really overwhelmed with all of the people and the fact that it was loud. Eventually they loosened up and were able to enjoy the game (well, the first half). Here are some highlights:

These girls are serious!

I was also amazed by the cheerleaders. The third guy is struggling but that is amazing that they can lift those girls like that AND that the girls show no fear about being held up by their feet.

Our mascot (a little blurry) Brutus the Buckeye!

Caleb and I had nachos.

Jamison had Dippin Dots. The snacks cost more than the tickets!

At half time they had a scrimmage between students and faculty/staff. At first I was cheering for the students because that's how I relate to OSU, but then I realized that I'm 33 and I am no longer a was kind of a sad moment. Faculty/staff won!

I was amazed that Rondell got this picture...this banner was pretty far from where we were sitting. I LOVE my camera!

We left after halftime (and after the 5th time the kids asked if it was time to go). We will definitely have to do that again.


Lauren said...

What a fun night!

I am always amazed by cheerleaders too. The girls are doing most of the work up their. It takes amazing core strength to balance on those guy's hands!

Carrie said...

I love going to sporting events with the family! We really liked the REDs game this past summer....I hope we do that again! And it's such a rip off that the food costs so much...Dan always has a heart attack by the time we leave...but we gotta get all that good junk while we're there...that's part of the fun! haha! LOVE nachos and cheese! And great pictures!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love the picture of Jamison holding her ears....Henry would be doing the same thing:) Looks like a fun time! Don't you hate when the snacks cost more than the tickets...I feel like that every time we go to the movies!

Katie said...

Oh I am so a nacho girl too☺ I had to laugh when I came across the snacks cost more than the tickets.