Monday, January 25, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - January 25, 2010

For today...
Outside my window...gloomy, but the sun is trying to peek through the clouds. It rained all day yesterday and it's supposed to rain more this week.

I am thinking...about childcare for Caleb. I think Rondell and I have settled on a decision but we still need to meet with a daycare facility. Here's the idea (with some back story)...Jamison went to a special needs preschool (for her speech delay and occupational delay) through our school system. Her class consisted of students who also had delays as well as "typically developing children." We loved her experience there and I think it developed a good foundation for the rest of her schooling since it was based on our school system's curriculum. So, I was thinking about Caleb this morning and it hit me that he should attend the preschool as a typically developing student. I called the school and it does not cost much at all. He would then go to a daycare (just like Jamison did) after school is over. I'm very excited about the new plan.

I am thankful...for a great weekend! I saw two cute movies (It's Complicated is HILARIOUS!!!!), my husband took me out to dinner to my favorite restaurant (Abuelo's), and I was productive around the house yesterday.

I am praying...for a lot of people. A lot of people I love are having a hard time right now and I am trying my best to lift them up in prayer. Two couples that I know have newborns in the hospital...I can't even imagine.

I am reading...nothing. I need to think about and pick out my next book. I was going to read New Moon but it's not moving me at the moment (sorry Twilight friends).

From the kitchen...well guys...the enchiladas did not turn out as I hoped. Rondell liked them but I didn't. I'm not sure what went wrong, but the sauce was gritty and the flavor was just not great. I did realize that I didn't use enough green chiles. I don't know...maybe you guys will have better luck.

I am also going to try this great looking potato soup (seen here on Summer's blog).

Around the house...the carpet needs cleaning, the cabinets need to be washed down, the sheets need to be changed (since Caleb decided to use our bed as a bathroom...yes, on purpose. Earliest spanking given ever) and toys need to be organized.

One of my favorite things...unexpected date night with my husband...priceless.

A few plans for the rest of the week...BSF tonight, sewing class tomorrow (can't wait!), family night at Jamison's school on Wednesday, Crown financial bible study meeting Thursday, Caleb's 3rd birthday (sniff) Saturday and our friend's little girl's birthday party on Sunday...WOW!

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Christina said...

I just did all my cleaning. Sorry the enchiladas didn't turn out! Happy FMM~

~Kristen~ said...

Happy Friend Makin Monday! Visiting from Amber's blog. This was my first time taking part in this! :-)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

It has been rainy here for the last few days...but the sun is shining now! I was so unproductive this weekend...and I am going to pay for it today! Lots of stuff to get done! I hate that the enchiladas weren't very good...the picture made them look so yummy:)

shortmama said...

Peeing in the bed on purpose....yikes!!! Not fun cleaning those sheets! Happy FMM!

Kelli said...

Sorry 'bout the enchiladas. :( It's always a bummer when an anxiously awaited dish disappoints.
As for unexpected date nights, I hear ya! :) Had one of those Friday night, too!
Hope you have a great Monday!

Rhonda said...

Hi, unexpected dates with hubby. I love those! Have a happy Monday!

Emily said...

Ok, I just picked myself up off the floor after you said you weren't dying to get into New Moon. I'm glad you hopefully have childcare worked out...that can be such a huge stressor!

Carrie said...

you are such a busy bee! Our carpet needs cleaned in the worst way...actually needs replaced...but cleaned for sure!

That Caleb...boys can be something else ;) Wait until he's actually potty trained and goes outside by the street for anyone to see! I used to look outside and see Alex just going...w/o a care as to who might be driving by!

Sorry the enchiladas weren't what you thought, but they sure looked good!

have a great's so gloomy here :( a little snow flurries today.

Too Tired Tesa said...

Potato soup on a gloomy day always sounds so wonderful.

Sounds like you've got a busy but fun week ahead. Hope it all goes well.

Happy FMM!

Angie S said...

Dern it...I was excited about the enchiladas...oh well. I'll keep looking :)

It seems as though you have a busy week...hope it is wonderful!!

Paige said...

Happy Friend Makin' Monday! I love potato soup and will have to go and check out that recipe. Hope you have a great week!

this blessed nest said...

you are always so good at writing your weekly goals. i should do this as well. perhaps i would be more productive!
the weather is just yuck, cold, rain, & the wind truly made my hair stand straight up on top of my head today. whew! :)

"here's to getting things done this week!"

Miller Racing Family said...

What a fun weekend. I so want to see It's Complicated. It is on my must see list. I am hoping to find it in a theater this weekend. Thanks for the recommendation.
Have a fabulous Monday!

Kelli said...

You definately can't put a price on a date night with hubby. Even though our family skimps on a lot of things to save money, date nights aren't one of them. Unfortunately, we don't have family that helps out with watching our kiddos, so we do resort to babysitters. It's well worth it though. Even a picnic in the park, just to get away.

The kids will be gone someday, but a marriage is forever. (heart)

Good for you guys!

Brittany said...

Hey! Adam is one of the "typical" kiddos in the same program, within our school district. He loves it! It's such a fantastic program! :) I hope it works out for you!

Kim3278 said...

am thinking I would love to try this...what do I need to do?? or go?? I love the idea of reflection and this may be just what i need to get started.