Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanking God on Friday

** I am thankful that there are events like this to support a wonderful cause. Check it out!

** I am thankful that God refocuses me towards what HE wants my priorities to be, not what I think they should be. Now I just have to be obedient to that (good thing He works on that too!).

** I am thankful for the upcoming holiday season.


Carrie said...

I am thankful for the holiday season too! I really need to be more obedient to what God wants me to do too. Something I always struggle with. I love reading your thankful posts...they really allow me to stop and be more thankful too :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Miller Racing Family said...

Love the thankful list. God has refocused my outlook on Christmas through a couple of great devotionals lately. I will have to go into more detail at a later date.
Have a great weekend.

Emily said...

Great list. I struggled with being obedient and loosing my focus more than I'd like to admit.