Thursday, December 10, 2009

O Christmas Tree...And a Snowman...Or Two...OK, Four

I don't really have a theme when it comes to my Christmas tree. It's usually just covered in ornaments, so maybe that's my theme. I love the simplicity of it as well as the history that it holds.

Here's a tour of some of my favorites (in no particular order):

I have ornaments from when I was a child. Remember making ornaments out of egg cartons?

This is my favorite from when I was a child. Just beads on a pipe cleaner and shaped into a candy cane.

Here is the ornament I bought for Rondell either last year or the year before (I really should write the date on these). He LOVES to grill so this was perfect. I love the bottle of BBQ sauce...we picture that it's Sweet Baby Ray's.

I buy the kids an ornament every year. It usually goes with what they are into at the moment. This is Jamison's ornament from this year. She LOVES fairies and dancing so this was perfect for her. The little girl has green eyes too, just like Jamison!

Gotta have an OSU ornament. My mom gave this to me one year.

Here's Caleb's ornament from this year. He loves all things Thomas right now. I have to try and keep this out of reach because he always wants to play with it.

Jamison made this wreath when she was in preschool. I will cherish it and hopefully pass it down to her when she gets older and has a tree of her own.

Since my name is spelled in a unique way I love finding things that have it spelled correctly. Above is a snowman that I found at Michael's one year (sorry for the blurry picture). Below is a candy can with my name, also from Michael's. I bought one for Rondell says Ron.

Lastly, this is my FAVORITE ornament. I bought it last year at Hallmark. I think it's really for a teacher but I had to have it because I have fond memories of Charlie Brown. The best thing about this is that it plays the teacher voice of Charlie Brown (you know...wha, wha, wha...) by pushing that little button at the bottom of the picture.

Here are some other things around the house:

Jamison and Caleb's stockings. I bought them at Pottery Barn Kids. They really weren't that expensive, especially since they will have them for many years.

Here's our little countdown. Jamison likes changing the number everyday.

And here's the collection (if you can really call it that). I love the plush snowmen from Hallmark that sing songs. It has been a while since I've been in Hallmark (since starting to make my own cards), so I don't know if they have one this year. I have them displayed on top of my entertainment center.

The Carolers.

Mr. Piano Snowman.

Sledding Snowman and Rockin' Snowman. The sledding one is my favorite because it plays my favorite song...Sleigh Ride.

Thanks for coming over. Sorry the cookies are gone!


Kelli said...

So cute! Thanks for the tour Kelli. You guys are definately decked out for Christmas.

Kelli said...

Love it! I feel your pain when it comes to finding things with the name spelled properly. As a child I never had ANYTHING with my name on it unless it was something that was special ordered.
Have you seen Frosty the Snowman at Build-A-Bear this year? He is ADORABLE! And he'd look great with your other snowmen! : )

Joanna said...

Just perfect! Your tree reminds me so much of ours. {especially with the Charlie Brown ornament} We don't do a theme either, that's just too complicated for us! : ) We like what we like and it's a mish mash of our family.

I love your collection of the singing snow men!

I love those stockings! I think they are priced just right, especially after Christmas. I am gonna pick up some for us all this year!

Carrie said...

So cute! I love buying ornaments for kids each year too...but I didn't this year...yet! I just bought the kids' stockings this year from Pottery Barn...yours are so cute! Really fun decorations...I wish there were some cookies left, haha!

Carrie said...

love it all! Your snow men our the cutest!

jenjen said...

What cute ornaments. I love when ornaments have a story! I buy my kids an ornament every year too.


Angie S said...

YAY! I really enjoyed the fun to get a peek into your Christmas decor!

I'm planning to do this on Saturday.

I love all my childhood ornaments too. My tree is FULL of memories.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love your snowman collection! I have a collection of santas that my mom gave me a few years ago...but I was too lazy to put them out this year! Your tree is too cute...and we do an ornament for the boys every year and write the year on it. I hope one day I can give them their ornaments to put on their own tree!

Brandi said...

Great decorations! I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hello!