Friday, December 18, 2009

School Christmas Activities

Jamison has had a few events at school the past two days. She is in the chorus at school and it had a performance last night and then again today. It was so cute to see her on stage singing the songs and doing a few dance moves. It was also nice to hear the songs she has been singing all around the house for weeks.

Here's my princess before the concert last night. They had to wear black bottoms and white tops. They were also instructed to wear a bell...that was Jamison's favorite part of the outfit.

This picture shows the true Jamison...laughing and playing with her hair.

Here she is singing. It was a cute concert and I could tell that her music teacher put a lot of work into making it a success.

Today Jamison's class had its Winter Party. I was there to help with the party and Aunt Roni got to go too! I was so proud to see how well behaved Jamison is in class.

Jamison and I both made something for her teacher:

When we were in Hobby Lobby Jamison saw this S and wanted to get it for Mrs. Schlaegel. Then she saw the wooden star and decided to glue it to the back of the S for Super Schlaegel. She's already learning to be creative!

I made Mrs. Schlaegel a post it note dispenser (I took the picture before I put the post it pad on the frame). I got the idea here. I hope she enjoys it.

How did you wrap up your week?


Carrie said...

She is too cute! I love those sweet little programs...Alex and Emily didn't have a class program this year :( But Emily will be a sheep in the church children's choir on Sunday :)

And what a cute gift idea...I love it, and she will too, I'm sure! ;)

Lyndsey said...

Jamison looks so cute and it looks like she enjoyed her program! Nice crafts also, how fun!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

That S is really cute! I bet her teacher loved it!