Friday, June 12, 2009

Thanking God on Friday

- I am thankful that my friend that I mentioned last week, experiencing someone invading her home, is doing better and is continuing to be prayed for.

- Speaking of friends, I'm thankful for my blog friend Carrie. I don't remember how I stumbled onto her blog but boy and I glad I did. She is so sweet and it has been fun getting to know her. She double tagged me this week and since I LOVE tags, I have to play along.

First, I'm suppose to find a picture of what I was doing two years ago today, or as close as I can get. I didn't take many pictures in June of 2007, but here's what I have. We went to the zoo with our Small Group and here are Rondell and Jamison at the petting area. Jamison wanted nothing to do with petting the animals, so we were waiting on the other families.

The next tag is an 8 Things tag. I've done this before, but again, love tags and I'm sure things have changed since last time.

8 Things I Look Forward to:
1. Going to Destin next year
2. Our "Florida Night" that we are having on Sunday.
3. Getting more financially stable.
4. Going to the pool next week.
5. Hanging out with Rondell on Monday, it's our anniversary.
6. Reading this summer.
7. Going with my mom to her friend's house tomorrow.
8. Finishing projects around the house.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Went to work.
2. Organized my desk at work since I'll be off.
3. Looked over all of the papers Jamison brought home from her last day of school, including her wonderful report card!
4. Dropped the kids off at my Mother-in-law's house.
5. Helped a friend finish packing all of her things in her dorm.
6. Had pizza.
7. Told Jamison a million times how proud I was of her that she did so well in Kindergarten.
8. Made a list of rules for the kids to follow while they are home over the summer.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Be a stay-at-home mom
2. Not worry so much
3. Keep my house clean ALL the time
4. Go to Arizona this year
5. Hire a professional organizer and be able to afford all that she suggests
6. Buy a new camera
7. Meet some of my blog friends in person
8. Be more crafty

8 Shows I Watch (well, they are saved on the DVR and I plan on catching up on vacation)
1. LOST!!!!
2. Criminal Minds
3. Medium
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. Private Practice
6. Desperate Housewives
7. According to Jim
8. The Backyardigans

Since I've already tagged 8 I won't do it again, but if you want to update, feel free!

- I am thankful for Jamison and her successful year of Kindergarten. We went back and forth about whether or not to send her. She was getting over some delays, speech, behavioral, fine motor...and we wanted to be sure it was the right move. Also, she makes the cut off by one day! I'm happy we decided to send her because she had grown so much and she's so bright. Next stop...first grade.

Jamison on the first day of school (it rained)

Jamison on the last day of school (it rained)

Getting of the bus on the first day of school.

Getting off the bus on the last day of school! Hello first grader.

- I'm thankful that Staycation 2009 is here!!!!!!!! I am off until June 23 and I can't be any more excited (Rondell is off starting Monday). Today was a very lazy day and after that we will relax, go to the pool, do various projects and enjoy being together as a family. Sunday we are planning a "Florida Night" where we're going to make the same meal we made in Florida last year that was oh so yummy, Monday is our anniversary and Rondell and I are going to hang and then have lunch, Rondell is going to work in his Honey Do list from losing our bet, we're going to paint our master should be great fun.

- I'm thankful for this place....THE POOL:

- Finally, God's protection, love, grace, guidance...I'm thankful for that.


Christie in Dallas, TX said...

What a fun, encouraging post -- it put a smile on my face! Thanks! Your Jamison is so precious -- love that smile. Have a great time off for work and a happy anniversary!

Julie said...

Hi Kelly, Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! It is so nice to meet new people! Very nice to meet you . . .

Your children are adorable!!! Love all of the pictures.

You asked about the color of my bathroom . . . The color is by Sherwin Williams and the wall color is: SW 7664 Steely Gray and the ceiling color is: SW 7672 Knitting Needles.

Kim said...

I wish I could keep my house clean. You would think I could being a stay at home mom - but it is impossible!

Jamison is too cute!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a great post. I love all the pictures.
I could also agree with about everything on your wish list of 8. I also can't believe that it rained on the first and last day of school but your little girl still looked super cute.
Love the staycation idea. Being a home body that idea fits me perfectly.
Have a great weekend.

Carrie said...

Kelli, that is a great list! I'm so behind on commenting, and am going to be lazy today and relax! Sounds like you had a great weekend planned!

It's amazing how much the kids grow in a year from kindergarten! Alex is the same way. We held him a year, though...he made the cutoff by a week, I think, but glad we waited. He'll be seven next month! Her picture from 2 years ago is so sweet! So cute!

Thanks for playing! It's nice to learn more about you! {LOVE that pool!!!}

Vivienne said...

Awesome! I love that you listed the Backyardigans. This was a great post. TFS