Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tag...I'm It

My cool blog-designing friend Joanna tagged me. Here's what I'm supposed to do:

The rules are pretty easy to follow…The person who has been tagged lists 6 things about herself then tags 6 other people who do the same.
1. I love notebooks. I know I say this a lot, but seriously it's kind of an obsession. I have one that I carry with me that has projects I want to do, the big To Do list...stuff like that. Then I have one for prayer requests (thanks Lyndsey). Then I have one that I make my grocery list out of or notes for my aunt. Then I have one sitting, waiting to be used. Then I have cute little ones that I got from another blog friend and I keep in my purse in case I need to jot something down. I am always looking for a new one too and I'm kind of picky about the ones I buy.
2. I'm a homebody. While I like to do things...go to the park, the pool, travel, etc., I am most comfortable at home. I could sit and watch a movie and eat appetizers at home with Rondell and the kids every Friday night and not get tired of it. They are my comfort.
3. Speaking of to breakfast and pizza, they are my favorite thing. I think that's why I like to entertain, to have appetizers. I would love to find a cookbook for just appetizers, I'm sure there's one out there (anyone know of one?)
4. I really want to be crafty. I love reading all of the blogs out there of people who are crafty. I love all of that cutesy stuff, just ask Rondell. It is a hobby that I would really like to develop because I think it's relaxing and so rewarding for me. I'm having a Stampin Up party in July and I can't wait. This is just the beginning...
5. I love to read. I just finished reading James Patterson's 7th Heaven (highly recommended - it's part of his Women's Murder Club series). I read mostly suspense or Christian books. One of my favorite things is to sit with a book once the house is all quiet.
6. Sunflowers are my favorite flower. They are so vibrant (and mostly favorite color) and beautiful. I want to start having them in a vase in the kitchen during the summer to bring me a little sunshine.
I tag:


Carrie said...

Oooh, fun! thanks for the tag! It's really been fun getting to know you...and your LOVE of notebooks...I think of you when I think notebook! hee hee! I love Sunflowers, too...Emily made a picture of sunflowers at preschool and I bought a tile of it for a fundraiser and I love that she made it! Great list! I will play soon!!!!

Vivienne said...

How fun. Thanks for including me.
I'm a notebook/list girl too.

Carrie said...

I love you list you know I am all about notebooks.

jenjen said...

Hi Kelli! Thanks for the tag - what a fun one! And appetizers -yum! It's so much more fun that full dishes. I love grazing. I love your Friday night plan of movies and appetizers - how fun!

Have a super night!


Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Have you read any books by Ridley Pearson? He writes in the same mystery genre as James Patterson and his books are FANTASTIC!!


Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Oh I loved getting to know all these things about you!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

OK, I'll have to get in gear and figure out my six things to share!! Thanks for the fun know I'll always play along. ;) These are such great ways to get to know fellow bloggers. I'm such a homebody as well! Can I just copy and paste that one? ;)