Monday, February 6, 2012

So...Did You Watch?

When I was growing up I watched football a lot with my mom and grew to enjoy the sport.  It's a good thing because my husband is a HUGE football fan.  Now, I don't get into all of the stats & you won't find me watching ESPN on my own initiative, but I do enjoy sitting and watching a good game...especially with this guy:
Can you guess who he was rooting for last night?

Mr. Rondell is a HUGE Giants fan...HUGE!  I root for them too because he loves them (except for when they played San Fran...then I had to do a little trash talkin').

I wanted to make it fun for him so I decided to make some food that I knew he would love to munch on while watching the game.  I made buffalo chicken dip and then I made this:
Rondell loves raw cookie dough (shiver!) so when I saw this recipe on Tasty Kitchen I knew I had to make it for him on "his" big day.

He's still on Cloud 9 by the way because of the big win.

So...did you watch?


Rach said...

It was a fantastic game! I love it when games come down to the final seconds--as long as it's not MY team, lol!

The commercials were fabulous too--some of them, anyhow--I'm absolutely done with those Go Daddy commercials. Just sayin'.

That dip looks pretty darn tasty. Mm. :o)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

You don't like raw cookie dough!?! Oh my Kelli it is one of my favorite guilty pleasures...any kind is yummy too:) We were cheering for the Giants last night too. That dip looks so good! Did you eat any of it?

carissa at lowercase letters said...

so happy the right team won. : )

i love both of those recipes! mmmm!!!