Tuesday, February 21, 2012

miscellany monday (er...Tuesday)

I know that it's not technically Monday but it's my Monday because I was off yesterday for President's Day.  We were all off and we all truly appreciated having an extra day.  The kids and I even squeezed in a playdate while Rondell was off to the store.

I love this shirt that Caleb got for Christmas:
It shows "people" encouraging one another (I don't think we do that enough these days...but that's another post for another day) and it also shows how Caleb constantly contradicts what we say to him...sigh ;)

This weekend Caleb decided that he wanted to play our PlayStation:
Who remembers Galaga?  This game takes me back to my Atari days and college days when Rondell and I would play this game for hours.  My dad was in town this weekend and even got in on the Galaga action.  We even played a little Pac Man...classic!

Now I know I live in Ohio, but one of my favorite things to drink is sweet tea.  Not all sweet tea is created equal so when I find one that tastes just right I get excited.  One of these days I'm going to try making my own. 
One of my dad's favorite places to eat when he comes to visit is City Barbeque (well, maybe not anymore since the last few times his ribs have been a little burnt).  I decided to try their sweet tea and boy am I glad I did.
Notice that the jug is now empty:

It's going to be rainy here most of the week so I'm glad we were able to get outside and enjoy the sun for a bit this weekend.  I'm sure this week's Top 5 will consist of a lot of indoor projects.

Well, that's my random for today :)
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Carrie said...

I love Caleb's shirt, so funny! I'm trying to make the kids say something nice and encouraging to each other every day, so it comes 'natural' ha! I know it's hardest to say it to your own sister, but the more we encourage one another, the easier, I agree, not enough of it!
Alex hooked up Dan's old Super Nintendo and N64 this weekend too! It brought back old memories for us! We also have Atari, but we didn't get those out! ha! Sometimes those 'old' simple games are still so fun to play! Alex loves Tetris! ;-)
Have a great week! I'm wanting to get my Cricut out this week, I miss it! :-)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I've lived in the south my whole life and I hate sweet tea! I don't know why...everyone else loves it but not me:) Caleb's shirt is so cute! Jason loves all the old school games. We just bought a version of Pac Man for our Wii and the boys are loving it! I'm glad you had a great vaca day. We are out until Thursday for Mardi Gras:)

Angie said...

Cute shirt! I love it. I like sweet tea, but it can't be too sweet. heehee! I know that sounds weird. Have a good week Kelli!!

Kim3278 said...

I love sun tea...and I can drink it unsweetened or sweetened. Sometimes sweet tea is just too sweet.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

girl, barbecue and sweet tea? you better visit me in charleston. : )