Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nothing Like A Good Proverbs Revelation!

Psalm 51:12 (ESV)

The other day I was reading Amy's blog and she posted this verse:

Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life; but he who rejects reproof leads others astray...Proverbs 10:17 (ESV)

This blew me was just what I needed to read at that moment (God is good like that!).  See, I have been having a lot of talks with myself and God lately.  Through this verse He pointed out something very real to me...I am not taking action on the guidance He is giving me.

I am a planner, but lately I haven't had much follow-through after the planning.  I make lists, I pray, I discuss with Ron/friends, etc...and then nothing.  Not all of the time, but most of the time and it is about time it stopped.

God has given me clear instruction on changes that I need to NOW.  For some reason I get comfortable and to be honest, I am just not listening.

So this verse was a wake-up call...I do not want to be led astray or away from God.  I want to be living with Him and absorbing all of the good He has planned out for me.  See, He's the ultimate planner, but He has AMAZING follow-through.  In order to receive the fullness of Him I need to be obedient, disciplined and put my words into live out God's best for me.  How can I give Him glory if I am not living out His plan?

So...last night I saw down and finally redesigned my blog.  I know this is not very deep or really life changing, but it is something I have been talking about for a long time and I was tired of just talking about it.  I pulled up this post on Sarah's blog and got to work (it helps that my kids are out of town!).  I pulled up my Picasa and clicked back and forth between Picasa and Sarah's post until I was done with the header.  This will change soon because my friend Lyndsey is going to take some pictures for me to add to my header, but I'm SO happy with the one I created.

Then I did the one thing I was terrified to do...I removed my blog design (thanks Joanna!).  I decided I wanted just a white background to make my pictures pop.  Now I can choose the extra large feature for posting pictures without it going off the page.  I also increased the size of the picture of Rondell & the kids (though on my work computer Jamison is cut off a little...hmmm).

I would still like to come up with cute sidebar headers and I plan (uh oh, there's that word again) to do that this weekend.

Just this little thing has given me so much motivation.  I am tired to being blah and just going with the is time to change.  It is time to work with the Ultimate Planner.


Kim3278 said...

ohh.ohhh.ohhh...I am SO PROUD OF YOU! I love the page too! I love the text and how the words pop off the page. But most of all, I love how your post inspired me. I told our family today about my job--something that I had been able to do until more info came through! Well...more info came through so they were notified. But I didn't ask for pity. I asked them for prayer and clarity on what God's plan is next for our family. Amen to just plain listening to His plans. Now, I just need to adjust my listening ears sister-b/c my life is about to change drastically and I don't want to miss a thing:) I love you my sister in Christ. Thanks for pointing out the obvious:)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Kelli your new design looks awesome! I love the new header and the white really does make everything pop! I am a big planner, and I am guilty of not following through with plans alot too! Part of it is me being lazy but part of it is that I want to do way more than I could ever possible do! Thanks for being such a great blogging friend and sharing awesome scriptures...because it is exactly what I needed today:)

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Love this! God is always pointing things out to me in scripture, and I love it. I like to plan too, but regularly let things slip through the cracks :(

Joanna said...

Well again, I have to tell you that I think you did an awesome job and it looks great! :)

I love Proverbs. That is my favorite book in the Bible. There are always useful tidbits of information that you can pull up anytime. Sometimes I'll get a good giggle out of a few. They are great for the soul!

Michele said...

God is good! Proverbs has to be read so slowly because it take a while to absorb all of the good stuff. SOOO much life application. Your blog looks great. I'm nervous about playing around with mine, but I'd love to be able to make my photos bigger, too. Happy Friday!

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

God is good like that! I love your question, "How can I give Him glory if I am not living out His plan?" Beautiful. :) Have a good weekend and I can't wait to see your new sidebar headers. Again, everything looks great-

Rach said...

Doesn't it feel SO good to do something that you were a little afraid to do? It looks marvelous. You did a fantastic job and I'm proud of you for doing it. :o)

And, yes, your photos DEFINITELY "pop". :o) It's perfect!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Good, wise words. You are right... I am doing the same thing right now. I will follow your lead (and God's instruction) and get it together.