Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Favorites to Welcome July

friday favorite things | finding joy

Hello July!  I can't believe that you're already here, but I welcome and embrace you.  As I say goodbye to June and hello to July it makes me think of a few favorites.

Blue skies
I love seeing all of the "plane marks" in the sky.
Evenings where I can sit and enjoy the blue skies because I'm not rushing to prep the kids for the next day

Very relaxed bedtime schedule for July (I go back to being more strict in August)

The kids taking advantage of the very relaxed schedule and playing their DS games side by side on the couch

Yellow Daylillies

Making garden plans with my mom

The gratefulness that I feel about having my mom help me with my yard...I'd be lost without her

Making plans with my mom to take the kids to a brand new pool this weekend

Having those plans include making little sandwiches with Honey Baked Ham

Taking the kids to the playground and watching them burn off energy

Finding a wonderful new playground thanks to my friend Lyndsey

Talking to my friend Katie yesterday after not talking to her for two weeks (she had a great time in Italy!)

Flip flops

Making bookmarks with Jamison (I'll show them to you next week)

Planning fun outings for the month of July...and sharing them with you :)


Joanna said...

Sounds like your July is going to be packed full of fun!!

Nessa said...

July is the best summer month! I am loving a relaxed bedtimes here too... and sleeping in!

Kim3278 said...

Where's your new park? Do tell? And which pool? Westerville's new one??? I am trying that one out in August unless I can get Andrew to go with me soon. We finally went to the Y to swim again yesterday and the kids had so much fun. I miss you friend. Lets try to find a time to get together!

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

I bet my daughter will love to see the bookmarks... :) Wow, June went fast!
And have a fantastic weekend at the pool with your mom-

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I love July too. It feels like summer has finally arrived, yay! Oooh, new playgrounds and pools. Such fun!

Carrie said...

I like July too...Alex's birthday and the fair! The kids have been going to be at 10pm most nights...but we start getting back to normal soon too...the summer is going so fast!

Sounds like you have some wonderful plans! We need lots of help in the gardening area this year! So glad you have your mom to help you! :-)

Have a great weekend! Can't wait to see more pics of your fun plans!

Angie said...

The sky picture is so pretty!

I love July too, both of my babies were born in July!

Flip flops rock!!

Sarah said...

Mmm. Those meatballs look delicious! And your family so gorgeous! LOVE all of these pictures - you are GREAT at photography!

Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

SOunds just like what we do around here all July!!

We all BOO when August comes around!