Monday, July 25, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Goodbye July.  Hello Friends and Happy Monday.  This is the last week of July and I am blown away by that fact.  July is our loose schedule month, so this is the last week of late nights and less routine.  Even thought July has the loose schedule, we have a few things planned for August...VBS, a trip to Indianapolis, more trips to the pool, & an outing to a baseball game.

We need to soak it all up know because before we know it we'll be doing this:

Jamison last year on her first day of school

2.  A pool here, a pool there.  One thing we will continue before summer is over is our pool hop.  We did not get a pool pass this year so we have been visiting few different pools this summer.  We went to a pool at a local fitness center, a brand new pool in a nearby suburb, and to a friend's pool at her apartment complex.  I have one more pool in mind for us to visit and I can't wait...the kids' area of the pool has a little playground.

3.  "What's your sitch?"  This is something my friend Katie always says when she is curious about someone's situation.  I wanted to say this yesterday while we were waiting at a rest stop to meet my dad and Renee (the kids went to Cleveland and we meet half way to pick them up).  

We saw a group of people who looked like they were switching cars, one lady in the car across from us was crying and saying "oh my God" (I was really tempted to check on her), one car was packed full of people and we wondered how they could be comfortable, & on and on.  Sometimes it is just fun to people watch.

4.  Just a taste...of God's Goodness:


paperbead said...

beautiful sky pic! And I love the idea of the pool hop... we've "kinda" played it that way this summer too. Fun that way!

Carrie said...

We need to pool hop because our pool is so warm...we need to find a cold one! That's funny about the 'sitch'. I like to people watch sometimes, but then I feel guilty because I'm always telling Alex to MYOB (mind your own business!) ha!
Beautiful sky! And we are trying to get the earlier bedtimes started...sometimes it's still been 10 but we're getting down to 9...and soon it will be 8. The summer is going so fast, we're going school shopping today. Enjoy the rest of July!

Kerri said...

School - don't remind me!
Pool hopping sounds fun! :)
Love the pic! "The Heaven's declare His Magesty!"

Angie said...

Oh that last picture is breathtaking! I love it! And I'm with you....I love to people watch.

Kelly said...

I love your new layout! You put some of my favorite pictures in the header and I love the "My Family" picture of Rondell and the kids - too cute!

This summer has totally flown by for us. I honestly am looking forward to a more structured routine. I'm kind of feeling like I failed at keeping any sort of structure for the kids and it has definitely had an impact on their behavior. Next year I will have my act together!

That sky is breathtaking - a true example of God's greatness!

Rach said...

Yes, WHERE did July go?!? I can't believe I'll be sending Lil off to school in a few weeks. Ulp. :oS

People watching is one of my favorite pastimes. Busch Gardens is a great place for it. ;o)

That sky is stunning--thank you for sharing it! :o)

Sarah said...

I can't believe July's almost over either. I realized it the other day, and realized how much I still want to get done before summer vacation's over.

What a beautiful sky in that picture!

Joanna said...

I can't believe that August is almost here. My baby is almost 6 and school is almost back in session...I want to start school all over again!! I demand a repeat. :)

Kim3278 said...

I know..I know...I am going to be the ONLY crazy one on here...but can we wish August away too? I'm ready to get this baby thing going:)

BTW...CALL me when you go to the pool! Chances are, I will go with you. If you are going to the one I think you may be going to, let me know b/c I LOVE that pool as do the kids. Planning on going this week while I am on vacation:)

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Beautiful picture for he sunsetting! :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your sunset! Pool hopping sounds like a lot of fun. We have a small wading pool on the backyard! We are excited about the Y near us getting a new pool.

Genn said...

Oh that sky picture is so beautiful!

I like that saying, what's your sitch? cute!

carissa said...

jamison is so gorgeous. keep on soaking up the summer sun before the first day! gosh, summers go by faster and faster each year.

um, i'm lovin' your new header. you must really be getting the hang of your camera - awesome job. beautiful pictures!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

That sunset picture is gorgeous! (As is the photo of Miss J.) I totally would have checked on that lady. always go with your instincts.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love to people watch:) And yeah we are almost to the first day of school here...less than a week! I wish we had more time to go swimming and enjoy the summer! It went by so quickly this year!

ohio12 said...

AMAZING sky photo.