Monday, February 4, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook...Returns

One of my favorite posts when I was blogging regularly was The Simple Woman's Daybook.  As I ease back into the blogging world I'm going to start with comfort...and these posts are comfort for me.

Happy Monday!

For Today:

Outside my's overcast and cold!  This year we are having a normal winter, but because we did not have one last year (I think it may have snowed once) I think everyone's system is in shock.  I must admit that I'll be one happy camper once Spring arrives.

I am thinking...about friendships.

I am thankful...that my mom came over last night to watch the Super Bowl with us.  She's a huge football fan (as is Rondell), so it was nice for Ron to have someone to talk stats with.  I enjoy the game, but I don't get into all of the details.  Plus last night I had to enter all of the Girl Scout cookie orders for Jamison's troop, so I didn't see much of the game (sniff...I wanted San Fran to win!).

In the kitchen...Rondell cooked up a spread!

Chicken for our Chicken Sliders

I'm good for saying to Rondell "ooh, look what recipe I found.  Doesn't that look good?"  Hooks him every time.  On Saturday I showed him this recipe from the Pioneer Woman's blog and he instantly made plans to make it for the Super Bowl.  He had four flavors...Italian, BBQ, Asian, and mojito lime (my favorite).  I'm so blessed to have a man who loves to cook.

I am wearing...yellow!  I love it.

I am the post office tomorrow to mail some cards my friend's mom ordered and a little something for a sweet friend.

I am reading...nothing.  I have been quite the slacker when it comes to reading lately.  There are a couple of books on my nightstand that I'd like to read, but I haven't made the time...I need to do that.  Do any of you have any good suggestions.  

I am looking forward to...taking Jamison to a play in a few weeks.  One of our local high schools is putting on The Little should be a lot of fun.

I am learning...that I need to give my kids much more grace.

Around the really in the need of maintaining.  Emotions have been a wreck, the house is in disarray, and things on the To Do list need to be check off.  

One of my favorite things...supportive teachers.  Jamison has been having some emotional meltdown issues at school again and her teachers have been amazing in trying to help her resolve this challenge that she faces.  It's always comforting to know that my kids are being cared for by people who truly care about them.

A few plans for the rest of the week...spend time reading to my kids (Caleb and I started the Magic Treehouse series), clean (I was under the weather last week and so my chores suffered), work through my fear of my sewing machine and maybe attempt to sew on Jamison's Girl Scout patches, witness one of my friends become and American citizen, and clean :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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Kelli W said...

I have so missed your blog Kelli! I'm so glad you posted today:) My house is a wreck right now and I've been feeling cruddy for the last week or so too. You need to get out that sewing machine and just go to town on some scrap fabric. That will make you more comfortable with it so you can work on Jamison's patches!

amy said...

Happy Monday to you too!!
You are right, we are having a normal winter! I'm enjoying the snow however, still want a 'snow day!'
I love that your mom loves football!
AND sorry you've been feeling under the weather... Brad has too. :((
(give yourself some grace, friend. Your house will come together as you start to feel better.)

Carrie said...

I miss your posts, but it's been hard for me to blog much lately too. So fun that your mom and Ron can enjoy football together, I like to watch but I don't get into the details either! ;-) I would've counted cookie orders with you! Hope you're feeling better, our house/laundry is always suffering, I've just learned its always going to be there! :-) I wish I made more time to read and knit and blog again...seems like the days are shorter! ;-)
Have a great week! :-)

lsnellings said...

We have been sick too which has resulted in a messy house also! It drives me crazy!

I'm glad you are blogging again! I am trying to be more consistent with my blog too!