Monday, September 12, 2011

miscellany monday...

Here we are again...another Monday.  Ready to take some time to be random :)

1.  Favorite Show.  Who all has been watching the Friends marathon on Nick @ Nite?  I have been able to catch a few episodes and it reminded me why I love that show so much...because of the laughs that it gives me.  Last night's episode was the episode where everyone finds out about Chandler & Monica.  I laughed so hard I thought I would wake the kids up at one point.

We all could use a good laugh right?

2.  Prep time.  You know how I have been talking about getting our new routine together?  Well I have decided that Saturday is going to be my prep day.  This is the day that I would like to have all of the laundry done for the week, clothes planned for the week, meals planned, prep any food that needs to be ready for the week, etc.  I have found that when I wait to do these things on Sunday that I am frazzled and I don't get to fully unwind before Monday hits.

Do you prep?

3.  BSF!  The new year of BSF starts tonight.  This year we will be studying the book of Acts as well as many of the letters written by Paul.  If you have been around this blog a while you know that I adore BSF and I can't believe that this will be my 5th year.  It is a wonderful tool to keep me in God's Word and understand Scripture.

Find your nearest BSF here.

4.  Check it out.  Did you see my Ten on Ten on Saturday?  Check it out here.

5.  Enlightening conversation.  Yesterday while I was covering in the church office I had an enlightening conversation with another church member.  He teaches a few classes at our church and it was interesting to hear about how he is helping to lead people through the grief process (and not just loss of a loved one, but also loss of a job or an ability for example).

He also shared something with me that left an impression.  He talked about how the first two miracles recorded in the Book of John were changing water into wine and the feeding of the 5K.  These are the two elements for and bread.  Coincidence...I think not.  I love how God's Word comes together :)

Write random...join in here.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I watched that episode of Friends last night too:) And then the final episode came on too...and it made me sad that Friends is over! I need to do more prep so I don't run around crazy in the mornings:) I hope you have a great week Kelli!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I remember that episode! Loved it.
That is a really good idea for Saturdays as prep day.
And no, not a coincidence at all.

Jamie said...

Wow, that is really interesting and AWESOME about the first two miracles in John! I never noticed that before...and you're right, DEFINITELY NOT a coincidence. I don't think God does coincidences!

I try to "prep" but I am so scatter-brained it never works out right.

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Hey Kelli! I stopped earlier and then had to leave before I could type... A good laugh is great and medicine for the soul isn't it?
I prep but I'm not always consistent with when. MY favorite schedule is to get it all done before Sun. eve but that rarely happens. :)
And I'm thinking about going to BSF intro. Thinking. hmmm.

The Starr Family said...

Oh how I wish we could do BSF together!! Enjoy Acts Kelly, what an amazing journey it will be!

Rach said...

I miss "Friends". Watching it took me back to my college days (and newlywed days). Boy those were simpler times. And, the laughs...oh, the laughs. :o)

I do laundry three times a week to keep up. The loads are MUCH smaller and easier to deal with. Lil and I prep a bit Sunday evening. We have family meeting and we go over the week ahead. We go upstairs and talk about potential outfits for the week.

I've been using those cute little bento boxes to pack Lil's lunch and I just do it when I'm making Bean's lunch. I always made Lil's lunch then so it's no different.

It's much easier to take care of these things staying at home than it ever was when I was working.

So, as I type, Ellie is tossing frozen peas off her tray to the dog saying, "Dog" as she does it. Greeeaaaaat.


carissa said...

that is enlightening. thanks for sharing. i love how everything in Scripture is so meaningful. nothing happens by chance, that's for sure!

have fun at bsf!

i was never allowed to watch friends growing up... but a few years ago all the episodes were on and i watched them = awesome!

Joanna said...

I haven't been able to comment on your blog in a while...I've been here just in the back ground. But I can type up today! :-)

I love Friends and watch it all the time every afternoon on TBS. Had no idea it was on Nick at Nite. Will be watching that when I get the chance. Love that episode!

I guess I always prep the night before. I make the kids lunches and get their clothes out but that's it. I wash through out the week a couple of times because Kayla likes to change clothes a dozen times and if I waited until one day...I'd be washing from sun up till sun down. Whew.

LeAnna said...

I love it when God's word just makes sense like that! So neat! Hope you've had a great week, and are gearing up for another good one!