Friday, September 2, 2011

{Friday Favorites}

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Happy Friday Friends!  Here we are in September with the joy of Fall being not to far away...anyone else excited?  For me, this is the time for a fresh start...the start of a new routine, the start of school, the beginning of a new BSF study & airing out the house that has been closed up all summer :)

This week was kind of crazy with trying to figure out our new routine, meetings at school, and an ice cream social last night.  My messy kitchen is proof of the madness (because I do not like a messy kitchen, so if it is messy it's because things are wild!).

There are quite a few sparkly (hi Rach) moments that I would like to share with you:

First day of school smiles :)

Morning routines going smoothly

Lunches packed and clothes laid out the night before

My Jamison who was such an encouragement to Caleb on his first day of pre-school
Rondell supporting me as I cried the Oprah ugly cry the night before Caleb's first day of preschool

New shoes
New bookbags
Meeting new friends

Playing I Spy while Jamison and I wait for the bus to arrive

Being able to change my schedule so that I can stay home until Jamison's bus arrives

Making chocolate chip cookies for the kids (and Rondell)
Rondell's excitement to be able to lick the spoon

My chocolate chip cookie helper
The Classic Caleb faces (shown above!)

Having cookies ready so the kids can have a treat after school
Making two card sales from my etsy shop (thanks Viv and Lyn)

A co-worker asking me to make her a card to give to her husband for their 25th anniversary

Rondell teaching Caleb skills about grilling
Participating in the fun 10 Day You Challenge

What are some of your sparklies?


Cheryl said...

Great post, Kelli! You have beautiful kids - wonderful smiles!

Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

Love your list! I can smell those yummy cookies right through the computer. And the happy smiles on your kiddos faces are adorable!!


LeeLee said...

New follower! Your kids are adorable and so many cute ideas on your blog! Definitely going to check out your store since I do "those parties" and always saying how I need to send the hostess a thank you card...LOL

Rach said...

Fall!! Fall is a HUGE sparkly for me! :o)

It's funny you should mention fresh starts, since my life has *always* revolved around the school calendar, September is always "New Year" to me. I'm looking forward to Tuesday when we can make OUR fresh starts. :o)

I'm totally groovin' on Jamison's shoes and am thinking Lil might need some of that shoe bling. :o)

I love the photo of the cookies with the peaches. While the cookies look utterly delicious, though, I think I'd snitch a jar of those golden beauties first. ;o)

Happy Friday, friend. This was a wonderful "Sparkly" list. :o)

lisaplus6 said...

your children are beautiful and those cookies look so yummy! your list is just lovely! my children always love new shoes!!

carissa said...

look at them! such cuties! they look ready for school, indeed. and those cookies? i want some!

Genn said...

Such beautiful pics of your kids going back to school Kelli!!
And I love those darling little white Keds with the charms, how sweet!

Kim3278 said...

I love, love, love this post. It makes me feel that instead of not seeing you for month or hardly talking to anyone that I wasn't left behind. Yay!

Glad school went well for the kids. SO happy that they let you change your schedule. That had to feel good. Your office is so nice!

I miss you friend:) I love catching up!

Joanna said...

Great favorites list! The kids are adorable as always! :)

Hmm..cookies...I could use a couple of those right about now. I can almost smell them!

Keds...brings back so many memories..that is all I used to wear growing up and that's what the girls wore all the time until recently. Love the shoe bling!

So glad to be starting fresh this school year! I hope your having a great holiday weekend!

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Oh, the kids ready for school. Adorable. Glad they are doing well with the morning routines and how awesome your schedule allows you to stay home until the bus comes!!!
I'm excited for fall! Yeah. I'm still torn about not signing up for BSF though. hmm.
Any you know I love those peaches that were staring at me from behind the cookies... ;)

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...


Cindi said...

Hi Kelli!

I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I went back to work full time about 15 months ago and can't keep up with the 150+ blogs I used follow. There are about 20 I read daily now and yours is one of them.

Thanks for sharing your Life Planner. I just ordered myself one with a $25 off promo code and I am excited to receive it!

Happy Blogging!