Monday, September 19, 2011

miscellany monday - it's about time :)

1.  Long time no chat.  It has been quiet on the blog lately and even my blog reading has been reduced.  A lot of it is because I am struggling just a bit...struggling with discontent, disorganization, envy, disconnect, etc.  My mind feels all over the place so I just haven't had that much interesting to say.  I also haven't taken any pictures & what's a blog post with no pictures :)  I read somewhere (on a blog) that it is not good blog etiquette to explain why you are not blogging...let's just hope she's not reading ;)
I am working on focusing Up because I know that God's intention is not for me to remain in this season, but to learn from it.  So, I am around...just a little quiet, but only for a short time.

**I do have some other randoms...

2.  Nacho cheese.  One of the pleasures I get out of going to the movies is having nachos.  For some reason I can never find the same nacho cheese that they serve in the theaters and it drives me a little crazy.  For example, I rented Something Borrowed over the weekend and I would have loved to have been able to have nachos while watching the movie.  But no...the cheese in the stores just isn't the same.  One day I will find the movie nacho day.

3.  Speaking of movies...I am officially addicted to Redbox.  For $1 I can rent a new release.  I am able to reserve movies online AND they send me free coupons every once in a while.  It's a win-win.  Do you Redbox?

4.  Sick babies.  I have realized that I worry a ton when my kids are sick.  This weekend Caleb was sick with a cold/allergies (I can never tell the difference) and he started wheezing.  It makes me just want to grab him and hold him until he feels better.  It makes me want to have him sleep with me so that I know that he's breathing OK.  
They will always be my babies :)   


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I totally understand the no blogging thing...I get in a funk sometimes and just don't have anything worth sharing too. I have a suggestion for you about the cheese. Go to the theater and buy some nachos to bring home. Jason LOVES movie popcorn but we don't go to the movies all that often, so instead I will swing by and get him a bucket of popcorn to eat at home sometimes:)

paige said...

i'm seeing that yes my friend, they will always be our babies!
praying all is ok. i feel quiet periods come & go with me too.
your soul & spirit need that.
sorry i'm a terrible comment leaver :(

you are a wonderful friend :)

schwadette said...

i was totally going to start harassing you if you didn't blog today... was getting worried! missed seeing you at the "big house" yesterday! :)

Stephanie said...

I hope you aren't referring to me saying something about people who talk about how bored they are with blogging? If you are- this is not the same :) I completely understand how you're feeling, I am feeling the same way... I have considered taking a break to just get my head on straight and decide what I really want to do with it all! But either way, I'll keep you in my prayers!

And I think we would be real life friends! We could've rented Something Borrowed, gotten some nacho cheese and hung out because I LOVE them both!!

Hope you're week is better!


Angie said...

I don't Redbox, but I should. I cancelled Netflix, so maybe this would be fun for us to try.

I am the SAME WAY when it comes to my kids feeling under the weather. I just want to make them better. The wheezing is so scary....I hope Caleb feels better soon!

Hugs to ya Kelli!

Rach said...

I'm so bummed that you are down and out. My prayers for you as you have this down time.

I've never RedBoxed it, and just cancelled Netflix--greedy, no good jerks...--so i might need to be checking into them. :o)

I totally understand about the sick babies--I'm the same way. I worry so much when they're sick. :o( I hope Caleb is all better quickly.

You hang in there. We're here waiting when you're feeling like blogging again. :o)

Joanna said...

I totally get the blog funk! I have been in one lately as well. And I too haven't been taking the pictures that I'd like too. :-(

Ohhh...I LOVE the nachos at the movies and that is exactly what I get every time too! Your right..that cheese is SO good and I can't find it either.

Redbox..nope haven't tried it. We do Netflix but just canceled our dvd part and we are only doing streaming. I may just have to check into RB though. A lot of people are loving it. AND I didn't know that you could reserve a dvd online. This makes it even more appealing to me.

Sick babies...I get it. I don't worry about Kayla as much as I do Kelsie because Kelsie has asthma and is just more prone to catching any and everything.

Nancy said...

I am so with you on the blog up and down. THere are times when I can actually sit and comment or sit and be inspired to write. I found I used to be all or nothing. I hope the kiddos are better. I know how stressful that is. Hang in there! :)

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

:) My daughter just asked this weekend at a football game if we could figure out how to make the nacho cheese sauce they make with their nachos.
We Redbox. Our oldest is usually the one that does the online stuff and such. It is so so convenient isn't it. We love it.
I too don't like when my kids are sick. I know. I know. the wheezing though is one of the worst.

Sarah said...

Mmmm, nachos...

I've started to realize that our kids are most definitely always our babies. I always thought as Celia got older I could let go a little more, but I think I'll still worry no matter how old she gets.

Genn said...

HI Kelli.

I'm sorry your kids have been sick. I worry so much when mine are too. Even with a common cold, it is just stressful. I hope your feelings of discontent with blogging and other stuff is resolved soon. I feel the same way sometimes.
And we watched Something Borrowed last weekend too. Only we popped popcorn while watching it, no nachos. ;) I liked it. Did you?

carissa said...

i think blogging and reading blogs in general really stirs up some envy and discontent. you are not alone! it's always good to take a break. i think a momma's job is the hardest when the kiddies are sick... mine are too. hope yours start feeling better asap!

Carrie said...

I have not been around for blogging much least I haven't been a commenter...but we shouldn't feel bad about is your blog, and you should do it as much or as little as you want or have the time for...we will be here when you need us ;-)
I feel like there hasn't been much happening here either, but just school and stuff :-)

I LOVE nachos and cheese and that makes my mouth water just thinking about it! I hope you find the cheese...and then tell me where to get it!

I love Redbox too! Alex is always asking to get a movie, but Dan also has us signed up for Netflix, but sometimes a Redbox is more recent with their movies. whoever thought of it was genius!

I agree, that our kids will always be our babies and we'll always worry about them. I hate when they are sick :-( hope Caleb is doing better. Have a wonderful weekned!

Rachel said...

Friend, love you. I'm starting with that.

I'm sorry that your little ones are ill. I get that breathing thing. When Samuel's pneumonia was at its worst I would sit in his room at night and watch him breathe. Praying for health.

Now, on to the blogging thing. First, I think the person who wrote the "don't write about how you don't have anything to write about" was using it as a way to disguise that she didn't have anything to write about. Ha. We all go through seasons, and you are being faithful. Your writing will come -- in time. I'll be here. We're friends, remember? :) I'm sorry that you've got so much on your mind, but I'll be praying for God's peace to fill all those spots.

And Netflix? We're streaming tons with them right now. Our new fave? Liberty's Kids.

Love ya.

Rachel said...

Okay you meant Redbox. My bad. Yes, Redbox is good as well -- except that I forget to bring it back and owe them tons of money. hee hee hee

Farmgirl Paints said...

now why did you have to go and mention nachos??? oh that sounds good. i am pmsing SO bad!;)

Kaylee114 said...

Pssst...The secret to the movie theater nacho cheese is that it comes in a can. It is simply processed cheese sauce. Not real cheese. I know I've seen it sold at Costco in a BIG can. :) Maybe you can also try melting some spicy Velveeta over Nachos? The key to get it close to movie theater nacho cheese is not using the real good cheese. Hope you feel better.

He & Me + 3 said...

The blogging thing hit me a few years ago...thus the 365 posts. I know they are boring but it is just for me to keep records of our daily happenings. I love all of the bloggers that still comment on those silly boring posts. Like you! Thanks!
Love the nacho cheese at the theaters too. It is so delish! So is their popcorn. How do they make it so good?
I still have yet to try redbox. Better get up to the times huh?