Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Week - In List Form

This week...

*  I want to try some new cards layouts and put some cards together (and if you want to order some just email me).  I ordered some more card stock and it should be here this week and then I can dive into some fun stamping.

*  My lovely friend Lyndsey is going to help me take pictures of my cards so that I can get my etsy shop up and running.  I need to come up with some fun descriptions for the cards that will be catchy enough for people to want to buy them.

*  I'm going to make two new recipes... Stromboli (inspired by my Kate) and mini meatball sandwiches.  Click on "Kate" to see her recipe and I'll be sure to share the meatball recipe with you later.

*  I'd like to organize my crafting bookshelf...it's a little out of control.  Ooh, I think this means I may need to add a trip to The Container Store to my plans.

*  I'd like to take the kids to our local waterpark.

*  I plan on taking pictures of my new cup to show you...I really love it.  It keeps my water cold for a good amount of time and the sunflower is fun to look at during the day :)

*  I'd like to take Jamison to see Judy Moody...she loves those books.

What are you plans?


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you. I can't wait to see your etsy shop up and running:) We aren't doing much this week. Eli and I are hanging out at home while H & G are gone to VBS at my mom's church. We are going out of town this weekend so I really should be doing laundry, but if there is one thing I'm good at it's avoiding laundry:)

Joanna said...

Your gonna be busy!! That means this week will fly by for you so I hope you get all accomplished on your list. And if not, there is always next week! :)

Our plans...selling year book ads...I am taking Kayla here in a little while to a few businesses in hopes that she'll be able to sale at least one.

Rach said...

Great list! I can't wait to see your Etsy shop! :o)

Me? I'm probably going to help out some more with VBS. We're going to return to the 'burg for the weekend Friday. I'm hoping to get my mom to babysit the Bean so we can take Lil to see Cars 2. Oh, and I'd like to get into the offudio and make a couple cards with some new stamp sets. :o)

Genn said...

Hi Kelli,
sounds like a great week!
Good luck with your cards business!
Tomorrow I am working,
the girls have their last swim lesson on thursday, and we are looking forward to a fun 4th of july party at my grandmas on the lake on sunday!
Have a happy 4th!