Friday, June 3, 2011

my {friday} favorites

friday favorite things | finding joy

A clean car

My little man helping me vacuum the car

Talks with God in the morning on the way to work

Fridays (it feels like it has been such a long week)
This ice cream flavor (yum!)

Sweet emails from friends when I was sick last week

A free trip with the kids to our local pool (thanks to our PTA)

Posts like this one that make me reflect on how I am as a mother

Celebrating my mom's birthday

Fresh flowers in a vase (I need to start doing this because I absolutely love it)

A good twist at the end of a movie

My plans for a popcorn party tonight with my two favorite little people

Being able to renew library books online

 This message:  "Faith does not refuse to face reality, but looks beyond all difficulties to God and His promises." - found @ LMM


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I'm so glad you are back to normal blogging Kelli...I missed your posts:) A popcorn party sounds like so much fun! I just bought some fun color coded popcorn boxes for my boys from the dollar section of Target. Maybe we need a popcorn party too:) I love fresh flowers too, except sometimes they can be expensive! I have roses right now because my anniversary was Wednesday!

Rach said...

This is such a wonderful list. It made me smile!

Happy birthday to your mama. :o)

Jenilee said...

what a great list! I loved the quote at the end!

Carrie said...

I might be the only one who uses a little pink flip phone cell phone still, LOL! I thought I lost it this week and was getting myself geared up for a new iphone...but then I found it! Alex was a little bummed, ha!

I love chocolate chip is my favorite, but I don't turn any down! ;-)

So fun to get a free pass to the's been great weather lately to enjoy that!

Glad you feeling good and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

happeningsofourhome said...

Love your Friday favorite things posts! I may have to do this on my blog sometime =) It's so fun to hear all of your faves!

Also LOVE that you & your little ones have popcorn parties! My hubby & I have popcorn parties at least a couple of times a week! So fun!

The Starr Family said...

Still working with a broken computer, but I had to stop by and say HELLO!!! So glad you back at it mama... and your list is good. A good reminder to find good everywhere! :)

My girlfriend from C-bus drove up Friday and I thought... hmmmm, I know another girl down that way :)

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

That is a great quote at the end of your post. I love that you had a popcorn party with the kids and that Caleb helps you vacuum the car!
(And so glad you're feeling better!)

He & Me + 3 said...

a popcorn party sounds like so much fun. Can't wait until school is out so we can do that too.

Rachel said...

As usual -- excellent list. And I love Ben and Jerry's icecream as well -- it's gluten free. As long as I don't get the kind with cookies or pretzels or gluten. :)

Love the message as well. Inspiring and true.