Monday, April 4, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Monday, April 4, 2011

For today...

Outside my window...cloudy...BUT it's almost 70 degrees.  I'll take that any day.

I am thinking...about what I'm going to do with the kids tomorrow.  Jamison is on Spring Break and I don't have anyone to watch her so I'm going to stay home.  It's not going to be as warm tomorrow but we may try and go to the park anyways.

I am thankful for...friends who have offered to include Jamison in their plans this week.  It will be nice for her to be able to get out and do some things instead of being at home all day.
In the kitchen...cheeseburger pie and chicken tetrazzini so far.  I really want to make some cookies but Rondell gave up sweets for Lent and so I think that would be cruel...I'm kinda nice like that :)

I am favorite gray's so comfortable and cute.

I am creating...our Destin To Do and packing list.  I have some tips to share with you this week about planning for a road trip.

I am enjoy my day off with the kids.  Even if we don't do anything outdoors it will be nice to just hang out with them for a day.

I am reading...Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua still.  I'm almost done with it and I'm amazed by the views she has on Western parents.  I'm pretty certain I'm not a Tiger Mother.  

Around the house...I still have more cleaning to do.  I got a lot done in the kitchen this weekend, but I do have more things to do.  Spring Cleaning is more than just cleaning...there's a lot of planning.  Where do I want this to go...what will work best here...etc.  I did a lot of staring at the cabinets trying to figure out the best system.  I can't wait until it's all done.  Next up is the living/dining room.

One of my favorite things...reading with Jamison.  Last night we were reading in her Jesus Storybook Bible and had such a great time and wonderful discussions.

What's in your daybook?


LeAnna said...

Sounds like a good day! Hope you enjoy spring break!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I hope you have a fun day off work! And how fun that Jamison gets to hang out with friends on her spring break:) I have a ton of cleaning to do...we are having Henry's birthday party here Sunday and my house is totally not party ready right now! I hope you have a great week and enjoy the spring weather!

He & Me + 3 said...

It is a little warmer here but it is cloudy and rainy. Very dreary. Makes me want to crawl back under the covers.
Love reading with my kids too. Such fun! Hope you enjoy your day off.

Angie said...

Enjoy your time off!

I need to make that cheeseburger pie...sounds good!

I love reading with Layla. She is an eager reader too...she loves to learn! It makes me proud!

Carrie said...

we've had thunderstorms all day, but it is so warm, I love it!

Glad you're able to take off and spend some time with Jamison ;-)

I love wearing gray too, I have alot of gray shirts...but I love yellow and green ;-)

Can't wait to hear your travel plans! we're driving to Destin in June...we,ve never driven so far, so we'll need some tips! ;-)

Enjoy your day!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Wow lady! You're going to be busy! Enjoy your day off with the kids.

The Starr Family said...

You are such a servant to your family Kelli... I love reading your list and it is really all about spending time with your kids, cooking for the family, and teaching God's word. Well done good & faithful servant!

Joanna said...

Sounds like perfect weather compared to all that cold and snow! :-)

That is very nice and will be a great change up for Jamison!

I can't wait for y'alls trip to Destin!!!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

I love the format of this post! I think I need to adopt this one :) Enjoy your day off! I did the same thing last week when Noah was on Spring Break and we really enjoyed just hanging out. I miss having him home with me all day now that he's in school! You're sweet to not make any sweets. I gave up gummi bears (which probably sounds ridiculous but if you know me you know this is a huge sacrifice!) and I have a cruel friend @ work who bought me a package two weeks ago. So silly...

Seasons of Life said...

Kelli ~

Good was nice visiting your daybook today. I hope your daughter's spring break is a blessed one ~ times with mom/family & times with friends. ;-)

Cleaning is an ongoing thing, isn't it? Spring, does help give that motivation to do deeper cleanings and all the planning, rearranging and organizing that goes hand-in-hand. Love the results of diligent labors, though.

Blessings ~

Nancy said...

What fun categories. I love that! Spring cleaning. yikes. I need to get to that. Everytime I start, I get sidetracked with the organizing side. Need focus and some good cleaner! :) Hope you enjoyed your day off!