Monday, April 25, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Comments...on other blogs.  For some reason the computer that I use the most to check blogs does not allow me to comment on blog posts where the comment section is at the end of the blog.  The box does not pop up for me to comment.  So, if your comments are set up this way and you don't hear from me it's not because I'm not reading or don't love you (because everyone needs a little Kelli love), I just have to wait until I get to my laptop.

2.  Sorry we're's Easter.  Yesterday my mom and I had plans to meet at Target after I got out of church.  When I pulled up to the parking lot it was completely empty.  I pulled to the front of the store and there was a sign that said they were closed for Easter.  Wow.  Then I realized other places that were closed...Best Buy, Sam's Club, Verizon and we realized the place we were going to have for lunch was also closed after Rondell drove all the way there.  

While these things stopped my plans I was given a feeling of joy.  Joy that these establishments also stopped to Be Still.

I went home and did the same :)

3.  To etsy or not to etsy...that is the question.  Technically I have already opened an etsy shop but it's empty.  I have been debating about whether or not to start up a shop to sell my cards (and maybe a few bookmarks).

Here's where you come in.  If you have an etsy shop, please let me know any tips you have for having a successful shop.  Do you use Paypal, is it relatively easy, is there a cost to upgrade, and how do I go about connecting my checking account to it???  Do you charge for shipping?  How often to you have to update your shop?

For those of you who shop etsy...what attracts you to a shop?  What kind of packaging caught your attention when you received your item(s)?  What kind of cards would you like to see in my shop?

I would really appreciate your feedback :)


S. Greiner said...

Paypal is wonderful and super easy!!! That's been the least of my stress with my etsy shop.

The hardest part is waiting for those first few sales...which I'm still in the process of doing. I've become a bit discouraged (i sell paper products and just other fun crafty items) so it's a lot of waiting.

come up with a fun name, some fun advertising...something that is going to bring people to your shop!

You can check out mine at

Good LucK!

paige said...

that is awesome that those retail places were closed yesterday!

i have no tips on the blogging thingy. i've noticed a couple people just removed the comments from theirs however i also do alot of my blog catch up while i'm at work, because of the security on my work computer, it prohibits me from opening the comments section on several blogs. its' weird.

good luck on your etsy decisions. etsy is such a great place to really get things rolling


Nancy said...

I think that is fabulous that so many places were closed yesterday. Not here... It was almost like business as usual in Southern Cal. Except In N Out burger. I noticed they were closed. :)
Etsy... awesome. Super easy to manage. Tons of exposure. I love to just browse for cool, one of a kind, good bargains.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I don't have any etsy tips for you, but I totally think you should get a shop going! It probably isn't as hard as it seems:) I hate your shopping plans were changed, but it is really great that those places were closed to celebrate Easter!

Rach said...

Hi Friend! I'm back to the world of friends' blogs!! :o)

I was so happy everything here was closed for a moment of peace and stillness. We were eating our Easter dinner in the backyard and B commented that it was a real shame that Easter Sunday is just a day like any other for some people since they were mowing and such. :oS

Etsy? I've given it some thought, but been too scared/intimidated to try it.


Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Good Morning, Kelli! Hope you had a wonderful Easter despite your change of plans! I'm so glad you posed the questions of opening an Etsy shop because now I can read all the responses as I try to make decisions for myself, too!! ;) Blessings to you on this day...hope it's a great one!

Rachel said...

Hello my sweet blogging friend! Before I comment, I must tell you how much you bless me -- your comments are always encouraging and just what I need to hear at the right moment.

Now, on to the rest of my comment....

Yes! I think you should Etsy. I think and know you'll do great.

And I totally agree about the wonderfulness of businesses being closed on Easter. Joyful indeed.

Have a lovely rest of your Monday.


Joanna said...

I think Etsy is a wonderful place...and shopping there as well as selling is really easy. However, the worst part is trying to get a sale. I think it's hard to get the first few sales. One thing that you have that so many don't that have Etsy shops is a blog...Blog, BLOG, blog about it if you start selling! And advertise it on Facebook!

I was actually happy to see so many places closed yesterday but I was happy to see a grocery store open because I had to buy stuff to make a dish! :-)

The Starr Family said...

I clearly do not have an Etsy shop, and wouldn't give good advice :)

However, I LOVE Etsy and shop on there often. I love clean, modern styling... nothing too childish or whimsy. I like CLEAR pictures with great description. I'm a sucker for a good price too :)

Chris said...

Kelli, try right button clicking the comments you can't reach, and open the window in another tab. That's why I had to do until I switched to Chrome.

I'm still figuring out my way on etsy, but if you have something you want to share, I say go for it. Read through the forums on etsy made for sellers. There are TONS of good info there.

I loved reading that the stores were closed for Easter. Would that we would all take a weekly break to worship, rest, and remember. "Be still" seems even more relevant than ever. If only one day a week. :)

Good luck and happy thoughts your way.

Angie said...

I would have felt the same way about Target being closed....I think it is awesome! Honestly I think all places should be closed on Easter Sunday.

I'm not into Etsy so much, I need to go browse and look around someday soon.

He & Me + 3 said...

I was shocked that they were closed too, but glad. We went to Apple bees for dinner and were the only ones in there for the longest time. Nice and quiet. We were away from home at a hotel that is why we were eating out on Easter evening :) incase you were wondering :) Not sure about Etsy..I love to shop on it...but never sold on there. Good luck