Thursday, April 14, 2011


Dear Shawn from the Residence Inn hotel in TN:

Thank you for being a breath of fresh air during our phone call the other day.  In the days where good customer service is rare, you give me hope that there are still genuinely nice people in the world.  Thank you for your warm greeting and your welcoming attitude, making me excited to stay in your hotel during my upcoming trip.  Thank you for the detailed directions and the tip on a good BBQ place to try while we are there.

See You Soon (and yes, I look forward to it too!),

A Grateful Plan-Ahead Customer

Dear Caleb:



Your Mom Who Had a Close Call

PS...Thank you for asking about my day yesterday...I needed that :)

Dear Sunshine:

Thank you for making an appearance.  Don't feel like you have to go away this weekend...stay so that I can get some yard work done.  Really...we enjoy having you around.  Please!


In Need of Some Good Old Vitamin D


Carrie said...

It's so nice when people are nice :-). It brightens my day too!

Lol about the toilet seat! I've had a few of those close calls one too many times!

Hope the sun sticks around too, today will be gorgeous, but rain coming tonight.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I am of the opinion that people named Shawn just might have a little extra sumpthin'sumpthin' that makes them lovely people.

Love Caleb. (Momma, it's easier to just look before you sit. This just isn't the hill you want to die on, ya know?)

Joanna said...

I can't wait for y'alls trip either!! :-)

Ohhh...hahaha. I've had close calls at night thanks to Zack!

Loving the sunshine. We have seen a lot of it lately which has gotten in the yard and getting my to do list done! {still plenty to finish}

Kim3278 said...

Yes...sunshine...please stay around. Our shoes from the soccer field are all crazy messy and we have upcoming practices and games:)

Customer service (good) is indeed rare! Wish i had some today when I filed my short term disability claim:) Metlife is far from it!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

There is nothing better than someone in customer service who is polite and actually finds joy in serving their customers! And yeah, we have the toilet seat thing happen here every once in a while too!

Rach said...

Hi Friend!! :o)

We're home and I'm trying to catch up with everyone.

This post had me smiling and laughing all at the same time. :o) Train Caleb well and his future wife will love you forever. ;o)