Friday, November 28, 2008


I have so much to be thankful for on a daily basis. To name a few:

My salvation
My family
My friends
My church
The fact that we're all healthy
My job (even though it's not what I want to be doing, there are so many people without employment that I am grateful to have a job)
Good food!
Yesterday we had a great and relaxing Thanksgiving. It was nice for all of us to be home together being a family. Rondell has been working a lot at Best Buy and he was tired so I let him sleep in. He has done that for me so many times, it was time for me to give back. The kids and I played and Jamison helped me make cornbread dressing. We watched the Thanksgiving Day parade and just relaxed.
For dinner we went to Rondell's mom's house. My mom joined us and I was thrilled to have her there. There weren't too many people and it was relaxing to just sit and enjoy each other's company (and the wonderful food!). I was also very thankful to Rondell's aunt, Aunt Peggy, for cutting up my turkey (Rondell's stepdad deep fries turkeys and they are so yummy, so he did one for me to take home so we could have leftovers...and it's A LOT of turkey!).

Aunt Peggy and my turkey

The girls: Jamison, Quinelle, and Ni Ni (these are Rondell's cousin's girls and Jamison LOVES them)

Maw Maw (Rondell's mom) and her babies
After dinner we went to Rondell's dad's house to say hello. Caleb is named after Rondell's father. Only Caleb was with us because Jamison was still at Maw Maw's with her cousins...of course. By the time we got to Ron's dad's everyone had gone home so we were really able to have a nice and quiet visit.
Overall it was such a nice day. Today I took the kids halfway so that they can spend the weekend in Cleveland. Jamison was beyond excited, Caleb not so much, but he's fine now. On Sunday Rondell and I go up there for the Browns game. I am so excited about going to a game even though it's going to be freezing. I'll post pictures from that event tomorrow (or the next day depending on how tired I am!)

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HI! I saw your post on my blog! Your kiddos are adorable! Thanks for leaving me a message on my blog!