Monday, November 17, 2008

Shout Outs and a Weekend Run-down (no pictures, sorry)

We had a great weekend, well Jamison and I had a great weekend. On Friday, Renee and Toshianna were in town for Toshianna's gymnastics meet. Toshianna has been doing gymnastics since she was 4 and she has natural talent. I don't say that just because she's my sister and I love her, I am always amazed by her when I watch her.

Anyways, while we were waiting to leave for dinner Renee told me that she has Browns tickets, club seats, and would Rondell and I like to go. Rondell LOVES football and has never been to a game so I jumped right on that opportunity. THANKS RENEE!!! I thought about surprising him but I know I would not have been able to keep that secret for two weeks. I put them on top of the entertainment center thinking that I could still surprise him when he got home from work, but I feel asleep and the giant that my husband is saw them because the top of the entertainment center is eye level. Oh well. He's still excited.

We went to dinner, Renee, the kids and I, at Carrabba's. We joined Toshinna's teammate and her family. They were a fun bunch of people. After dinner Jamison went to stay with Toshianna and Renee at their hotel. She was so excited about that.

Saturday when I woke up and went upstairs (I have had a bad habit of falling asleep on the couch) Rondell informed me that Caleb had been throwing up. Great (grrr). Rondell stayed home with him while I went to Toshianna's meet (bless his heart). Toshianna did great. This was her first meet at Level 7 and she placed 5th overall. Her floor routine was so adorable. It was to the theme music for Inspector Gadget.

After the meet we all went to Mimi's Cafe. If you have not been to this restaurant and you have one near you it is a must. Their food is so yummy. We went with two of Toshi's teammates and their families. The younger girls, including Jamison, sat by themselves at the booth behind us and Jamison ordered her own meal. While I missed Rondell and Caleb, it was nice to hang with just us girls.

Later that evening I went to dinner with Jodie. We haven't gotten together in a while so it was nice sit down and chat with her for a bit. She even made me sugar cookies with yellow frosting. So thoughtful (my favorite color is yellow and I LOVE her cookies.)

Sunday Caleb was still kind of sick so Jamison and I went to church alone. It was nice spending the weekend with her. After church we stayed home and then I made Rondell a lasagna (which I will post for "If I can Make it You can Make it Monday" a little later) because he stepped up when I couldn't.

How was your weekend?

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