Friday, November 28, 2008

School Friends

Hannah, Jamison and Allison
These are two of Jamison's school friends. For some time now Jamison has talked about eating lunch with Allison. Everyday she eats with Allison and then they play at recess, she says. What's funny to me about this story is that Allison is in the other Kindergarten class and so she and Jamison hooked up on their own. That is so cute to me!
Jamison and I talked about having Allison over, so that I could meet this new best friend of hers. She then told me about Hannah and how Hannah eats with them too (Hannah is in Jamison's class). So, I decided to have a little playdate and have Hannah and Allison and their moms over for pizza. It was postponed twice because of Caleb's stomach flu, but they were finally able to come over. It was nice to meet two of the kids that Jamison likes to play with at school. It was also nice to sit down with the moms and get to know them too.
The girls had a really good time, having a picnic and then playing in Jamison's room. I tried to be creative and attempted to make hand-turkey cookies but it didn't work so we just had plain sugar cookies and then decorated them with icing. They girls enjoyed doing that and they were quite tasty.
I'm sure they'll be over again soon.

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