Friday, November 7, 2008

And the Celebration Begins...

My name is Kelli and I LOVE my birthday (it's tomorrow)! I have always loved my birthday and while the excitement has become less the last few years, it is still a day I very much look forward to.

When I was little I almost always remember having sleep overs. I remember them being a really fun time. I'm sure if I dig deep enough into my mom's stack of pictures that I could find some from the sleepover days. My grandmother always called me first thing in the morning to wish me a happy birthday. She knew how to make me feel special.

I remember my 15th birthday because my family came from Detroit (my father's side) to help me celebrate. I remember going to Friday's for dinner and the staff putting balloons on my glasses. Gosh that was a fun day. I think that's when Renee (my stepmom) bought me my coat with the real fur lining on the hood. I was fancy.

My 25th birthday was memorable too. That was the first and only time I have been intoxicated. Don't ask me why I chose to do that because before then I was not a drinker. But for some reason I did and I tell you what, not fun. I remember calling my mom and telling her and saying how this was not something I ever wanted to do again. Apparently too I'm a crybaby drunk because I cried when I thought Rondell was leaving the restaurant. Crazy and interesting experience. One never to be had again. Now I don't even drink at all...give me a Coke and that does just fine (except I can't have Coke until December 19 because of a fast that I'm doing).

Since working at my current job my friends here have always done a birthday celebration for me. They bring in good food and I get a lot of love. Today they brought in bagels, donuts and a cake!

Last year I celebrated with girlfriends. My friend Karynda opened up her home and we had appetizers (my favorite) and just hung out. It was perfect. I called it the celebration of the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday.

Last night Rondell took me to Abuelo's (which is becoming my new favorite restaurant) for my birthday. We had a great time, even though he kept me up way past my bedtime (wink). We were able to enjoy each other's company along with some great food. We both ate WAY too much. Our server was so nice too. When I ordered my nachos I asked for extra sour cream and he brought me some. Then when he brought us our meal he brought another side of sour cream. Talk about good customer service. We tipped well.

Tomorrow is the actual day. My friend Lyndsey and I are going to breakfast and then I'm just going to relax and enjoy my family. Mommy is coming over in the evening to make dinner, cabbage & noodles with smoked sausage and cornbread. YUM!

What do you like to do for your birthday?


Sweet Simplicity said...

Hey Birthday Twin! I hope you have a great one! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Going out for dinner is the best thing ever on your birthday. it is fun to eat whatever you want and NOT worry about's your birthday! Have a great one!

Rondell said...

Past your bedtime...(GASPS) The audacity of me to keep you up past 8:30pm by treating you to dinner.